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If you pay even the slightest attention to current events, you may have caught sight of an unprecedented incident. It was announced on a Friday afternoon, a time notorious for rapt inattention when most are speeding out of the office to hook up the trailer and head to the river. Even if you did catch it you'll see that any significant meaning will be seriously muted by the divinely ordained power of the order. It always is for such occurrences. The ho-hum story was the Jesuits' record payout of some $100+ million in a settlement over sexual abuse claims made in the Pacific Northwest. You'd think something like this would thoroughly discredit the Roman Catholic Church, but sadly, most will rationalize it away with casuistry having to do with their respectability in at least paying those seduced into their convenient prostitution. There's always a good reason, and the Jesuits are best at coming up with good reasons. They run the World System and are experts at all fo

"Everybody's Gotta Bleed"

This is kind of an addendum to my last blog post, "Everything is Window Rebuilding."  I took issue with Caroline Baum's remark that earthquake's are bad for an economy, not because they aren't, but because everything that anyone does is about repairing something. The Jewish mystics even had a term for it, tikkun , and it is a certain truth that the world around us is broken, battered, beaten, and in dire need of an expert handy man. The problem with the concept of  tikkun is simply that there are two types of handy men in the Yellow Pages. One is sitting in a modest throne room in some presently little known location processing all the information the World System gathers to better manage the sin of the inhabitants he is charged with constraining. This often requires extraordinary deceit and calculated murder, and it always involves grand acts of provocation for the most proficient implementation. And it can never be anything other than human sacrifice.

Everything Is Window Rebuilding

I've been so consumed with and subsequently exhausted from work and home and family running-around-with that I just haven't been able to post much here recently. But sometimes I see something that just cries for me to say something about. Since I'm still pretty tired I can slip it in here quickly. Today I caught Caroline Baum's blog-like piece about the "benefits" of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster. She initially makes a great point about how things like earthquakes are actually bad for economies in spite of Keynesian minded pontificators blapping about how helpful they are -- you know, providing jobs to get the rebuilding going and all that. She quotes Bastiat, and it seems anyone who channels Bastiat is worshipped as a prophet with the most sublime wisdom of some sort. The oft-quoted truthism she references is the one about broken windows. If you remember, it is his refutation of those who say broken windows are good because they provide window

Again, The Real Question Is, Who Do You Follow?

My most recent home page piece has been uploaded, and while I really try to work at introducing it here at my blog with at least some kind of flourish, tonight I think I'm just going to have to pass. I am so exhausted from my job and running the standard family errands that I'm tucking in very early tonight. This is not to say that I don't want to jump at sharing the dozen or so different things I keep seeing out there in this delightfully smothering World, items that I'd love to highlight and remark about simply to show quite categorically that, as the entirety of my latest declares, Everyone does quite wholeheartedly follow the words and ideas and evocations of someone else somewhere. My simplest of simple questions to you is, Do you know who that individual is for you?