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The Addictive Blogger, Part II

Thought I'd post again, here in the blog, so soon after the last post, simply because I guess I have to. Juuust  to be out there in the blogosphere, you know, have the presence , all that. Sorry, but I don't have a comments section. I'd love to, but when I've tried to re-enable it, it just doesn't . So, hey, still, if you like my take, email me from my webzine . I'd love to hear from you. Anyway, felt like I needed to just add some thoughts about some thoughts in my latest blog, thoughts that I thought would surely get some to go "Whoa Nelly that's  kinda dicey there Dave!" There was this, if you recall: The Bible is a science textbook. I know why so many go "NOW-WAIT-A-MINUTE-THERE" so readily. They've been seduced by two of the greatest World operative grunts in the history of philosophy, David Hume and Immanuel Kant. When you get right down to it, here's what each has said. Hume: "There aren't miracles becaus

The Addictive Blogger

I got another reminder that to get good marketing going for my web presence I've got to blog blog blog, tweet tweet tweet, post post post -- I guess I need to be a social media maniac. I once heard that the most important thing is content. I still refuse to discount that element, and still believe it is indeed the foundation for meaningful work. But it seems as though having to slog through all the social media platforms and be there  with some inane regularity is something that is quite expected. I recently saw a news item about a blogger, Amanda somebody, don't even remember her last name, who contrived a lot of waves in cyberspace with her asinine remarks about abortion -- stuff about babies being evil something-er-others, it wasn't even worth anyone's attention. Yet I still thought, huh, this gal is getting this kind of attention? Whut thuh...? Her only credential was that she was a blogger. That's it. Now, I'm great with being just a blogger, nothing w