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What Are We Supposed to Do When We Do Never Forgetting?

All kinds of 9/11 remembrances are being pronounced everywhere today, as they always are on September 11ths. Today it seems I'm seeing quite a few more "Never Forget"s everywhere, might be just because I'm noticing them more. And they are everywhere , on just about every web page, on my Twitter feed everyone is posting pics of the twin towers with those words -- I'm even seeing them outside of churches, and they're likely inside when they mention it in their services. I think about that. "Never Forget." Why? I mean, thinking about what happened and praying for the families and working hard for very good things for everyone all around is a very good thing, but I wonder. Does "Never Forget"ing mean actually looking closely at what actually happened on that day, and why? One of the things the operatives who arranged it did was catastrophize the imagination . It is one of the weapons in the arsenal of human sacrifice activity -- keeping the pop

It's Always Been Cannibalism, Always - It Is What the World System Does

Remember that story about the scorpion that needed a lift to get across the stream? The frog was so nice to comply, under one condition, that the scorpion did not sting the frog along the way. The scorpion agreed, only to lethally sting the frog halfway across. As both start to sink to their deaths, the bewildered frog asked the scorpion, "Why did you do that? Now we both will die." To which the Scorpion replied, "It is what I do." The agents of Cain are scorpions. They must commit human sacrifice as a matter of habitual practice. They do it all the time. They must -- it is what they do . You can see how it works by simply reading one brief passage in Scripture, the fourth chapter of Genesis. Here's how that story goes: Cain sacrifices a human being, his own brother even, and because it was such an evil act God sends him out of His presence forever. God does, however, commission him to run the city holding seven-fold strength prosecutorial capacity -- yes, Cain

It's Always Been Cannibalism, No Hifalutin Politician Has Ever Changed That

From what I hear, tonight US President Joe Biden is supposed to give some major speech, something about bringing back the soul of the country or something. His people have so effed up the country, here's to hoping it is about healing and reconciliation. To that end here's what I'm expecting him to say, after all the introductory pleasantries: "I am completely rescinding all the massive federal payouts that really amount to robust racketeering activity. All the insane corporate welfare payments, all the 'inflation reduction' climate change hysteria giveaways, and especially anything related to things like student debt relief which is so brazenly unfair. (And I won't let the horribly exploitive universities off the hook either, they're just as much rackets as any of them.) I apologize for thinking just dumping money in people's laps would fix things. I just encourage people to work hard and try to do as well as you can, and for the states to do their