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Regularly Scheduled Tuesday Grieving Sessions - We Got Another Really Good One Yesterday

There is a scene in the film All the President's Men when Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, working hard to find the good dirt on President Richard Nixon, are making their way to the house of one of Nixon's administrative operatives to try to get him to talk. As they stroll along the front of these spiffy-looking Brownstone-like homes, one of them remarks about the people inside, just living their lives, doing their thing, mostly oblivious to what is really going on outside of their cognitive domain. I think about this very brief, seemingly incidental scene quite often. I do so when looking into the eyes of so many people I encounter. I look and I just see so much ugliness and darkness in there, there in their souls. It doesn't matter how smiley they are or how well their hair is coiffed or how nicely dressed they are. They are ultimately all about wreaking havoc on the rest of the world in whatever way their psyche has been trained to do so. Please