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The Exorcism of Rosie O'Donnell

Was talking with a friend Wednesday night and he mentioned that the producers of Loose Change were going to appear on The View the following morning. For those who don't know, Loose Change is a documentary that merely asks the penetrating questions about what really happened on 9/11. The View is one of those banal "Regis and Kathie Lee" talkoramas hosted by four hip happenin' women. Wow, I thought, here're the guys who put chinks the size of planets in the official 9/11 theory on a mainstream morning talk show--hmm, what's that mean? Turns out they didn't appear at all. Just so happened that on Wednesday Rosie O'Donnell and her rival conservative host on the show Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into quite the heated shouting match. I know nothing about how they do these things, but I'm thinking O'Donnell wanted to pull the Loose Change guys over by the scruff of the neck and plop them down on the show to boast, "See! See! I told you all that

A Note on the Immigration Front

Just wanted to make a quick note about my last post from two days ago. I thought that the referenced immigration bill had already been passed by Congress. Apparently it has not been, and is now merely being considered. Keep in mind, however, that whatever bill is passed that is not about (a) completely sealing off the border and (b) deporting every illegal immigrant residing here now is still some form of letting everyone in who wants to come in. I should also clarify something else. I intimated that the U.S. is actually impotent when it comes to true law enforcement, and that it will ultimately collapse just as Rome once did. When I speak this way, I am merely pointing out the less obvious but quite certain truths about the macropolitical maneuverings of the rulers of evil. What even fewer people see is that even the U.S.--as was Rome itself-- is expendable with regards to the machinations the General executes to do his job. In other words, all the rigmarole about Iraq and immigration

The Immigration Front of The War

Recently Congress passed an immigration reform bill that says a bunch of stuff about what to do about the illegal immigration situation. What this legislation does is merely carve in stone the status quo: a lot of people coming into this country from Mexico-- and staying for some time-- because the political and economic conditions in that country are so pathetic. The elite punditry do a lot of bouncing and banging off a bunch of walls that have something to do with the issue-- it makes your head spin watching it. But if you carefully look at immigration it can be narrowed down to this: 1. A whole lotta people hate living in a crappy place and want to come to the U.S. 2. The U.S. only has so much productive capacity-- as impressive as it is-- and an inordinate increase in population does strain that. 3. The U.S. can do one of two things to ameliorate this: Put an electric fence along the border with great big signs every fifty feet or so that say in Spanish, "If you touch this fen

The War, Addendum Three

Novelist Ishmael Reed once pointed out, "The history of the world is the history of warfare between secret societies." In writing recently about war, as in The War, I made a point that cannot be underscored enough: You won't see what's really happening from the killing that happens, though that's where most people look. You see it in the deceit. The tricky part is that by definition, particularly good deceit is nearly impossible to distinguish from the truth. Unless ... (More on that in a moment.) A recent op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times (May 6, 2007) had a take on former director George Tenet's At the Center of the Storm as merely one of a spate of tell-all tomes from high-level CIA officials once in-the-know. It seems many are fascinated by the published exposure of various covert activities-- titillated by the discovery of some nefarious undercover intrigue or twisted destabilization plot. The only thing is that the most renowned secret society of all

The War, Addendum Two

In the last post I made mention of how much I feel it when I see people so blatantly deceived, and thought about the possibility that a reader may ask, "Why do you get so upset about that? What is it to you if people believe wrongly about something?" Good point, in the sense that another's problems or issues or situations just shouldn't affect me that much. After all, I'm pretty secure, I'm not too codependent--why then can't I just live and let live, as they sometimes say? But it still gets to me, and for good reason. Well, there are a number of good reasons. One, what another thinks and feels does affect me. We were made to feel deeply about others--to be in community. I've always considered the parable of the people dancing too close to the cliff. There they are, dancing gleefully away, yet every once in a while one stumbles, and too frequently they don't catch themselves. Over they go. This has been expressed in any number of ways through the a

The War, Addendum One

Having a blog to augment a webzine is awesome. Here is where I get to lay it all out, even though I hope to do that at the 'zine only a bit more formally. The difference with the blog is that I can just talk-- you may get a bit more of me. I want to talk in this post about my latest piece. (It's here if you haven't seen it yet.) I went into it thinking I'd have that baby down and out and bam there it is. But as I got going with it, it just started to overwhelm me. I just found so much stuff that amplifies the harrowing reality of The War. I just had the damndest time leaving things out. So here with the blog I can add stuff, and with the 'zine at future dates I can go into other areas of The War. One such area that I'm thinking about looking into is a great theological question that has certainly been addressed before, and that is, "Does Jesus Christ commit violent acts?" I mean, what's the deal with that question? Well, that's for later. For