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You Can't Get Gleanings From a Farm That Isn't There

I came across an amazing passage in Scripture I want to share with you. It is one I'm sure most -- and by most I'd say 99% of everyone -- has never paid any attention to, but it brilliantly illuminates the reality of what is happening with the socialism sodomism racialism  plank of Cain's Legacy that is now fully marauding through the nation. I'll just share it with you now. It is indeed from Jeremiah, which as you may have seen in previous posts is the subject of my devotional time right now. And yes, I'd read Jeremiah before, but didn't think about this passage until I applied it to exactly what is going on right here, right now. From the 49th chapter, verses nine and ten: "If grape gatherers came to you, would they not leave gleanings? If thieves came by night, they would destroy only until they had enough. But I have stripped Esau bare, I have uncovered his hiding places so that he would not be able to conceal himself; his offspring has been destroyed a