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Codependent Nation

One of the main thrusts of my webzine work is to elucidate the contrast between the World and the Kingdom. There couldn't have been more stark a contrast than in reading my devotional this morning and what I saw in the Los Angeles Times, the newspaper I peruse to, as Mick Jagger sang in that classic Stones anthem, to "get my fair share of abuse." I've started a long devotional series with Isaiah, and in the very first chapter, right there in verse four, God doesn't pull any punches. He specifically cites what is going on with people -- four definitive references in one verse, and you can't miss them. He says we are sinful  (missing the mark), weighed down with iniquity  (bent or twisted), the offspring of evildoers (harmful, injurious), and acting corruptly (causing to putrefy). These are specifically defined terms that accurately characterize the human being -- no matter who he or she is . Later, from my devotional booklet, I read a verse that was coinc

The Edward Bernays Factor

The latest presidential election has come and gone, and there are no fewer than, oh, 18,000 different things that can be said about it. Much of it has been said, and more will be said. Donald Trump shocked everyone by winning. This is a gentleman who for years as "The Donald" was ridiculed as a boorish immature rich guy who regularly flaunted his persona to everyone's dismay -- or amusement as the case may have been. When he made the latest serious run for president he went up against a number of politician wimps who simply would not challenge the idiotic neo-progressive movement that has ravaged the U.S. His brash brutishness got him elected, really. Everyone has believed that he'll be the one to blow out all that stuff, but, sorry, don't hold your breath. Just after the election, barely a day or two later, he said he'll keep certain parts of the Affordable Care Act. His buddy Ben Carson -- beloved by evangelicals everywhere -- said he's already got p

Edward Bernays Was On To Something

Wanted to introduce my latest home page piece by asking this question, just wondering. Will there ever be a time when enough people get that they are being played by those making them believe what they want them to believe? Oh I know I'm now a card-carrying member of the tin-foil hat wearing brigade, I know. Ho-hum. I've had worse. But there ya go. People can't get how much they aren't getting it, by just calling others names, while those others are authentically asking questions, seeking truthful things, actually caring about people not being taken in. But so many people are taken in that those doing the work Edward Bernays exposed a century ago are making wallopping amounts of money taking them in. The difference between your typical conspiracy theorist and the one who takes his or her cue from Scripture is that the latter understands that the conspiracy was designed to be that way for the ruler of the city, as God elucidated in the fourth chapter of the book of