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Authentic Commitment

So Special Internal Revenue Service Person Of Some Kind Lois Lerner said to Congress, "I didn't do anything wrong and I plead the fifth." The idea is that she must have something to hide and it's really really bad if she feels she has to say she didn't do anything bad before she said nothing about what bad she might've done. And because it has to do with the IRS targeting conservative non-profits for undue consideration of some kind there're a lot of conservatives who are steaming, as well as a lot of people who're being told this is some injustice they must fight against. Except, there is a problem here, and it isn't with the IRS. The fact is anyone in the IRS or in any government agency who is doing law enforcement by looking at what evil people are doing or what evil people will likely do is doing nothing wrong . They are merely doing the job assigned to them by God at the very beginning of man's existence. As a division of the legacy

Tightly Bound to the Folly

Today's big political scandal is the undue scrutiny the nation's tax collecting agency exercised upon groups seeking to get the tax collecting agency's imprimatur to be tax-exempt organizations so they wouldn't have to pay taxes they'd otherwise owe being liable to give tribute to their lord, Caesar. Now, yeah, the first part of that statement probably sounded something like this: "The IRS was unfair targeting conservative groups!" The middle part of that statement was probably met with a consenting shrug. I'd venture to say, however, that the last part of the statement was completely incomprehensible to those quite entranced by their devotion to Cain's minions. But then they are doing exactly what God said they'd do. Remain in a state of abject deafness, dumbness, and blindness, at the price of their own healing and salvation. Look it up. Right there in the sixth chapter of Isaiah. Quoted a few times by Jesus and by Paul, maybe others b

The End of Folly

In my devotional this morning I read the beginning of the 51st chapter of Jeremiah. The whole last part of the prophet's book is about the judgment of Babylon, and in this particular passage was this from God: "I am going to arouse against Babylon... the spirit of a destroyer." That just blew me away, that little part. Sure God is bringing judgment against a nation that deserves it, but hey, God had just used Babylon as an instrument of judgment against Israel. Here now it is going to get hammered by Persia. Which incidentally, will eventually get pasted by Greece, which will get scorched by Rome, which will get overrun by what is established as Britain, which gets its comeuppance from America, which... The point is that so many here in the U.S. think they're invincible. Yeah, the U.S. has been pretty invincible for a while. But it is clear from the Bible that God only allows reprobate nations, particularly those doing the work of Cain, to do its work for a time,