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Letter to a Christian Friend on Facebook

(I was directed to a lengthy Facebook post from a friend at the church I frequent, and it so grieved me that I felt I needed to pound out a response here. I've waffled back and forth about whether to actually post this there, and at this point I'm not. I'm just sketching it out here whatever the case.) Dear Christian Friend on Facebook, I was directed to your lengthy post about how much more loving we need to be toward Bruce Jenner about his personal decision to turn himself from a man into a woman. You brought up points related to how much we must try to understand why someone does what they do simply because we can't experience what they are going through, and what we all must start doing to be more loving and caring towards LGBT people. What grieves me doesn't have as much to do with your naive cry for more tolerance and all that wholesomeness, or that your post reflects a unequivocal endorsement of people acting on their sexual confusion and dysfunction, o

Covered Cain

I had been meaning to put up a blog post as a follow-up to "Prayers with Incense," but I simply haven't had time to sit down and pound out another post. Much of that time has been spent with family -- I so need them to help steel me against the continuing onslaught of the world and the World. The former are all those given over to their own wretched behavior, the latter the authorized system charged with enabling it. I happened to catch some historical thing on television the other day, and an interviewee blurted out the words "The world is getting crazier." Thing is, this was fifty years ago . I realized, no, no, the world isn't getting crazier. It's always been a cesspool of people brazenly acting on their own concupiscent shit. It's just sometimes we glance a bit too much at it and it becomes nearly unbearable. I'd actually cataloged a number of items to address, but eh, just not going to get into all of it. Right now I am looking at the