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It Really Should Be Called Americanist Pride, or Perhaps Even Better, Catholicist Death

There's a show on the NBC network called American Greed . Every episode showcases some crook who'd spent years hoodwinking a whole bunch of people, separating them from gobs of their money in sometimes very insidiously imaginative ways. The show's appeal also comes with the inevitable instances when they do something tremendously stupid leading to their prosecution in some form or another. It is certainly greed that is involved, but a far worse crime is the deeper motivating force: pride. This is the idea that virtue-signaling out of one's rear end is too intoxicating never mind what kinds of immoralities must be in the mix to do that. Recently the head of a crypto exchange was exposed as his multi-billion dollar money laundering operation went belly-up. Funny, at about exactly the same time this was unravelling another whiz kid showcased everywhere a few years ago as the next Somebody-Previously-Super-Famous was sentenced to quite a lengthy prison term for her widely b

Biblical Politics

These days I'm seeing a lot of posts and writings about how the Christian is supposed to behave around this time, when "THE-MOST-IMPORTANT-ELECTION-OF-ALL-TIME" is imminent. Some of them have a few decent things for anyone to consider, most however are all about how devout the Catholicist  should be in contributing to Cain's Legacy -- however pointless it truly is in the eternal. In my devotional this morning I decided to read a chapter posted for me from my web devotional site, a passage that may seem to indicate we're supposed to dutifully vote in civil elections and pay excessive tribute to appease potentates and all the rest of it. It was the second chapter of Timothy's first letter . Please read it yourself. You'll see it says nothing about what many dedicated Romanists think it does, what they take from it to screech at us that we are supposed to do everything the reigning potentate says to do. Are we supposed to respect those potentates -- who indee