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The Reality of Governance in Cain's Domain

After an extraordinarily tumultuous confirmation spectacle last week, conservatives cheered the final Senate approval of their darling Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Now we've got our conservative majority. Now we can get things we want done from the court. Not exactly. May I offer a hypothetical? You tell me what will happen as a result of this. A man comes to the court claiming to have standing -- it is quite just. His pregnant wife/girlfriend just had an abortion, and is making the case that she and her abortion doctor murdered the child on the grounds that, indeed, that object in the womb was a human being . To make it a bit harder for those on the left to object, let's say the man is African-American. Let's also say the aborted baby was a girl. An objection then risks compromising the left's obsession with exploiting minorities for the best virtue signaling. Here's the thing about that hypothetical. Do you really think it is that uncommon?