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The Sad Apologetics Failures at Biola

A couple weeks ago I attended the Biola apologetics event "God, Science, and the Big Questions." It featured three of the giants in Christian apologetics, John Lennox, William Lane Craig, and J.P. Moreland. The Biola gymnasium was packed, so it was encouraging that there is always great interest in the big questions. I'm just not so sure we've quite got the answers down, however. Actually most of the answers provided by these scholars were pretty decent. Most were standard-issue apologetics responses, that's fine. Some were ones I hadn't heard before, a few downright sobering. I truly liked Lennox' reference to the creation of Adam and Eve and the resurrection of Christ as "singularity" events, much like the Big Bang. The item I want to address here, now, is one that I believe we in the apologetics community do a thoroughly crappy job of answering, and sure enough, it was the final question of the entire evening's forum. These particula