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We Knew About Covid For Sure Years Ago

Today is May 12, and that was the date two years ago that -- We knew. Any epidemiologically oriented individual with even an ounce of respect for truth, scientific acumen, data analysis skills, common sense, and deep appreciation for the economic considerations of the situation -- KNEW . All the information was in for all of us to move forward leaving this brief Covid scare behind with the following strategy in mind. Everyone go back to work, go back to school, go back to life -- drop the mask-wearing and immediately cease abiding by any of all the other ludicrous lockdown nonsense. For most people this thing had a 99.997% survival rate, a negligible difference from more common flus. As for the three higher risk groups:  The elderly -- take care of them as best you can with the utmost care, mercy, attention -- including letting them spend time with their family , but realize that like anyone  they will be passing away sometime soon. Thousands of elderly die every year from Covid-like i