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The Invention of Lying - Ooo, Let Me in at the Ground Floor!

A new film with a novel premise is out today called The Invention of Lying . It stars comic actor Ricky Gervais and from what I glean from the guy he was made for a role like this. The part he's got here is that of a fellow who lives in a world where truth-telling and all things truthful is the norm. No one knows of any other way to behave, until ... Ricky finds out about lying . Hey, cool. Lying. Now I'm pretty much getting the idea that by lying he finds he can get cash he wouldn't otherwise be able to get and generally do all kinds of neat things for mild enjoyment at the expense of stodgy straight-arrow types. And I'm sure as the film moves on he finds he gets into some awkward predicaments as well. I don't know a whole lot about it, but one review I glanced at said the premise can't sustain itself through an entire full-length feature. Not hard to see that. Anyway, a couple things made me think about this whole lying thing, a topic I like to address a bit b