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The Wonderful Adventure

The latest interesting thing to capture my attention is this song I heard this morning on the alternative radio station I tune into sometimes. It's called "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. It was kind of catchy, but a song I'd figured'd be okay this time, but if I'd heard it even one more time it'd really grate. Thing is I really started to try to pay attention to the lyrics, which was kind of difficult because the gal singing it has a tweaky voice, the producer made the whole thing kind of tweaky to begin with -- I naively thought it was a novel Christmas song decrying the commercialism of the season because a line that repeats many times is, "All I wanna do is ::bang bang bang::, and :cha-ching::, and take your money." The "bang bang bang" part is the stylized sound of a gunshot, three of them in a row, driving the beat. Later in the song is the line, "Some some some I some I murder, some I some I let go." Yeah, pretty brutal.

Delicate Truth

I write my webzine with one purpose in mind: to draw people to Christ. The most prominent thrust in this effort is to showcase the wildly distinctive contrast between the Kingdom in which Christ reigns with love and mercy; and the World System set in motion by God millennia ago and today administered by sworn operatives in Cain's legacy of the most ruthless sin management. The trick is to see the difference, as well as to approach the characteristics of the contrast not with ferocious remonstrations against what must be or with meek resignation enduring obsequious enslavement. It is to understand . Even as He says in the ninth chapter of Jeremiah, it is to boldly "understand and know God" for the purpose of being introduced to the bounty of His Truth and Grace. I do the very best that I can with that, in large part on the work I do with my webzine's home page piece, which this month has touched on the idea of wealth renunciation . It is that concept that I wa

Conspiracy Theory No. 42,000

With the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination about a week away, everyone's getting all kinds of conspiracy stuff splashed in their faces. With a bit of fascination about the events of November 22nd 1963, the other night I watched part of a television show that declared the second gunman was a Secret Service agent who accidentally shot the president from a vehicle traveling behind the president. Um, yeah. Right. The suggestion did have a lot of compelling things going for it, the smell of gunpowder all around, the very great likelihood a very poor marksman like Oswald simply could not have fired all three shots in such a short period of time, the persistent interference by Secret Service agents for virtually every moment of the post-assassination assessment of the forensic evidence, and others. But then, why did Kennedy's head still move backwards so dramatically with that final shot? It simply could not have come from behind but in front. And this agent shot him acc

Critical Mass II

"What we really really really really really need is stability ." This was the word resounding through the halls of the World System today, rationalizing more institutionally sanctioned deceit to keep people convinced the value extraction machine will keep humming as usual. Never mind that very few people are saying what we really need, a bazillion times more important than stability. Truth . I saw a sign outside a church that had one of those pithy sayings on it. This one was "It is more important to be kind than to be right." I know why this is so touching, believe me, I got that. But it is an idiotic statement . After ruminating on it I thought, "Hmm, isn't it more important to be right about kindness?" The World System is right about how much it must use law enforcement to crack heads. So when the Democrats succeed in passing legislation to keep the borrowing for summary head-cracking to continue, to keep THE government going so it is

Critical Mass

When Tupper Saussy was thinking about when to release his latest work, Gods for the Godless , he mentioned that the most opportune time would be when things happening were approaching "critical mass." I knew what he meant by that, but he passed away in 2007 without ever getting to the point when that would be actualized. ( Here's a page with a link to the original material for that book.) Still, I wonder, when will things reach critical mass? When will that happen, perhaps when people will either actually come to Christ or just flat-out ask God for rocks to drop on them to keep them from even having to face His judgment? No matter, we all will anyway. Everyone is resurrected. Just depends on whether you're being resurrected into life or into judgment. I could mention a few of the things I see going on out there. There's the gal who today rammed her car into the White House barricade, and was gunned down with a child in the backseat (who apparently was okay).


I realized something just the other day. That it is 25 years ago today that I heard the most spirit-blasting message from the pulpit that I've ever heard. I remember the day because it was a Sunday when after the church service, my buddies and I had gone to Candlestick Park to see the Giants play the Astros. I count this Sunday as that very day's anniversary even though the actual date was interestingly September 11. One of the striking things about that game, the particular thing that kept this day in my memory, was what happened a few minutes before the game began at its 1:05 scheduled start. A few thousand people were already filling the seats and a good number of them were listening on their radios to the 49ers game in New York just finishing up. It was a close affair and with a minute left the football Giants had taken the lead. After the 49ers got the ball back deep in their own territory, Joe Montana threw a perfect strike to Jerry Rice streaking down the sideline fo

That Cabin in the System

The other night I watched the horror film The Cabin in the Woods on DVD with my son and his buddies. It turns on its head the whole spookiness and scariness of a creaky old haunted cabin deep in the woods. As the film progressed it actually got goofier and goofier, but I think the filmmakers knew that so they made it all good fun, in spite of the grotesque blood-spewing violence. But then I think that's just the "Happy Tree Friends" trend nowadays. Hyperbolic gore -- hilarious! The reason I mention it here is because the main pretext was there are these people in a huge control facility arranging the actual physical human sacrifice of five young adults for the purpose of pleasing "the old powerful ancients down there." It was all processed with the greatest precision in order to make sure that all of humankind is preserved pretty much on the basis of this blood-letting successfully satiating the ancients. Thing is... This is happening to everyone right no


A popular New York publication put out a feature that's getting some attention these days called "Taken," the story of the way Caesar executes "asset forfeiture," or "civil forfeiture." This is pretty much the confiscation of anything Caesar can "legally" get his hands on to quasi-penalize quasi-criminals and rationalize funding law enforcement. I don't know how anyone can read this expose and then turn around and say with a straight face that human sacrifice does not happen today on a regular basis. Yes, the human sacrifice -- nothing really different from yanking pulsating hearts out of flailing people at the top of the ziggurat-type tower. If you've seen my web work you know that one of the prominent features of my Catholicist Nation premise is that human sacrifice is carried out in a variety of forms as a matter of habitual, necessary practice by those who don't live in, with, and by Christ. I'm always blown away wh

The Ezra Factor, Part III

Today on my walk I came to a beautiful park I like to frequent, and on the field were a group of boys playing rugby. I sat and enjoyed watching them for a bit, but I noticed something peculiar. They weren't really trying . Each team had seven boys, and when one would get the ball to run, the opposing players would make some effort to try to tackle him but if they didn't get any kind of grip to bring him down, the runner easily slithered away and ran for the score. Then they kicked the ball back to the other team, and the same thing ensued: running, followed by half-hearted attempts at tackles. Score. Kick, run, feeble tackle attempt, score. Kick, run, feeble tackle attempt, score. Also interesting was their attention to the rules. A number of times there was a drop or improper lateral or something of that sort (I am not familiar with the rules of rugby), and everyone was quite keen to point out any infraction or misplay. What struck me about all this is that it was a ki

The Ezra Factor, Part II

I've been reading a book with a premise that is optimal for my next home page piece considerations. It is Rethinking Money , and I thought I'd peek around a bit in it to see if these guys really get into what's what with value assessment . Sadly, they don't. Sure they get into how macroeconomics works and how banks work and how alternate currencies are the latest and greatest and all that. But all they do is blither about how radical their new conception of money is when it is merely a rearrangement of the old one. There is only one thing that would demonstrate any meaningful substance in a book about changing the way we do value assessment. That would be if it includes mention of Jesus Christ. Indeed it would only mean anything if the book flat-out declared that any change in the way we do value assessment comes only through Jesus Christ. Lessee, now, let me look through the index and see where Jesus is mentioned, lessee here, ummm, looking -- looking -- look

The Ezra Factor

I've been co-teaching an apologetics adult Sunday school class and this week, to introduce the problem of evil, I shared with the students the idea of "augmented reality," something I wrote about in my webzine this month. I brought up the idea that this latest IT innovation would be most useful for finding out what any given individual is really all about. Even thought I totally understand them, the responses I got did surprise me. Those responses were, "I don't think I'd want to know that much about someone else!" Again, I do get why they said that, but inside I thought, "No you don't. You don't really want that -- the not knowing. I believe you do want to know. Everything you do is about trusting someone else is going to do a certain thing, and we all live our lives deciding to do whatever it is we do based in large part on what other people have decided to do and have stayed true to doing." Of course I didn't think all of 

Seeing the Disinformation When You're Subject to Disinformation

One of the most profound ways the World's disinformation is most readily consumed has to do with sexuality. When I look upon the horizon of the lives of those all around me, I see so very few who really know the truth about this thing. And don't go off blaming the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Even many with the most Victorian sentiments don't get it either. Oh, do I have to barf up the disclaimer that I'm still learning about it too? While true, I always wonder why I have to apologize for the things that I do know, even if it is about something like sexuality. The World has not only blasted to smithereens any truthful consideration of this thing sexuality, it has also corrosively marginalized any who wish to engage its most truthful discursive elements. So we're left with a society bathing in the sewer of what I call distolerance , the practice of using a pathetically twisted consideration of tolerance to mercilessly bash those who genuinely seek and wan

The Battle Was Lost a Long Time Ago

Just had to add a quick post about the brutal Supreme Court decisions today about same-sex marriage. They were brutal to the extent that millions of people will listen to what schnazzily robed legal scholars will proclaim about inherently moral issues, and arrange their moral behavior accordingly. But really, those decisions represent that which Cain's city will legitimately adjudicate, and that is only what a reprobate population will demand. It is what it is. One of the things it is is miles away from the Kingdom. The Kingdom: the place where mercy, forgiveness, grace, life, and authentic joy reign. It is the place containing the throne of the One who loves with His life, the One who sends ambassadors out to be His word to others. But yeah. Where are those people. After the Court's decisions today many will lament the brazen loss of sexual and marital integrity in society, but the fact is, that was gone when too many people refused to speak out boldly against homose

Gaius Maecenas' Latest Celebrity

Anyone who's paying attention to the grand modern megaphone and fantascope certainly now know the name Edward Snowden. It is splashed all over the news circus, and his ubiquitous image is most likely right now being transformed into all sorts of Warholesque concoctions. I can't get away from seeing his mug everywhere I look to see what the Maecenean mythmakers of the day want me to believe. So yeah, might as well leap on the bandwagon. Here he is, yet again. Okay, it's tastelessly cheap, but hey. Gotta add some cred to my site as well -- everyone else is doing it. Might as well join the party so we can all gaze at him with whatever we're told we're supposed to think and feel and rage about him. Apparently this dude shared with the world that Caesar is peeking in on what we are saying and doing, taking terrible advantage of us -- what with all this information mobility we have. Oh my! How revelatory! Not . Caesar's been doing this for eons upon eons, even w

Authentic Commitment

So Special Internal Revenue Service Person Of Some Kind Lois Lerner said to Congress, "I didn't do anything wrong and I plead the fifth." The idea is that she must have something to hide and it's really really bad if she feels she has to say she didn't do anything bad before she said nothing about what bad she might've done. And because it has to do with the IRS targeting conservative non-profits for undue consideration of some kind there're a lot of conservatives who are steaming, as well as a lot of people who're being told this is some injustice they must fight against. Except, there is a problem here, and it isn't with the IRS. The fact is anyone in the IRS or in any government agency who is doing law enforcement by looking at what evil people are doing or what evil people will likely do is doing nothing wrong . They are merely doing the job assigned to them by God at the very beginning of man's existence. As a division of the legacy

Tightly Bound to the Folly

Today's big political scandal is the undue scrutiny the nation's tax collecting agency exercised upon groups seeking to get the tax collecting agency's imprimatur to be tax-exempt organizations so they wouldn't have to pay taxes they'd otherwise owe being liable to give tribute to their lord, Caesar. Now, yeah, the first part of that statement probably sounded something like this: "The IRS was unfair targeting conservative groups!" The middle part of that statement was probably met with a consenting shrug. I'd venture to say, however, that the last part of the statement was completely incomprehensible to those quite entranced by their devotion to Cain's minions. But then they are doing exactly what God said they'd do. Remain in a state of abject deafness, dumbness, and blindness, at the price of their own healing and salvation. Look it up. Right there in the sixth chapter of Isaiah. Quoted a few times by Jesus and by Paul, maybe others b

The End of Folly

In my devotional this morning I read the beginning of the 51st chapter of Jeremiah. The whole last part of the prophet's book is about the judgment of Babylon, and in this particular passage was this from God: "I am going to arouse against Babylon... the spirit of a destroyer." That just blew me away, that little part. Sure God is bringing judgment against a nation that deserves it, but hey, God had just used Babylon as an instrument of judgment against Israel. Here now it is going to get hammered by Persia. Which incidentally, will eventually get pasted by Greece, which will get scorched by Rome, which will get overrun by what is established as Britain, which gets its comeuppance from America, which... The point is that so many here in the U.S. think they're invincible. Yeah, the U.S. has been pretty invincible for a while. But it is clear from the Bible that God only allows reprobate nations, particularly those doing the work of Cain, to do its work for a time,

When David Stockman Speaks... Umm... Err... And?

Recently I've been looking at all the rage about David Stockman's op-ed in the New York Times a few days ago. I wouldn't have known about it except that a whole bunch of people have chimed in and had their words spilled into the World Megaphone. Thought I should take a peek at it just to see what galaxy-renting words the former Reagan finance guru and present dutiful curmudgeon said. Not going to link it here -- you can find it easily and I'm just too lazy to put it here. Sorry. Okay, let's take a peek shall we. Okay. Uh-huh. Yeah. I see. Hmm. Annnd... that's it ? That's what everyone is roiling and railing about? 'Nkay. I could say what he said with a bit fewer words ::ahem:: Here's the baaad financial situation we're in [throw in some colorful language to describe it], here're some reeeally nasty numbers that prove it [throw in some shocking numbers], and lookit: this person and that person and this philosophy and that philosop