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Who's Your Daddy?

Everyone has a daddy. No I'm not talking about your biological father, but someone very daddy-like that you follow. For someone who chooses not to follow Christ, that daddy is a racketeer of some stripe. That's the very essense of what the whole question is about. "Who's your daddy?" is a lot easier than asking "To whom to you pay indulgences?" or "To whom do you assign the management of your evildoing?" I've written my latest home page webzine piece on this very issue, and it is at The Catholicist Nation if you're interested in reading more. I must say that there is so much to write about in addressing use of the law by a racketeer, that I had to leave so much out. One of the things I simply couldn't get in there that is worth mentioning is the fact that Frederic Bastiat used God to make much of his case against what he called "perversion" of the law. I agree fully (and say as much in the piece) that God made us each wit

Some Items on Romanist Marketing

I want to point out a couple of items out there. If Christ has dropped the scales from your eyes and you can actually see the counterfeit from the real, these may actually be edifying. If not, they'll serve to drop you deeper into the World muck, but hey, that may actually be a good thing if you get tired of it and ask for a Hand out. At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art over there on Wilshire Boulevard, there is a fantastic exhibit of Roman Catholic promotional pieces , brilliantly works of art designed to keep "New World" peoples in the System. They were commissioned from the time of Columbus to the early-19th century. Definitely check it out. (It goes until October 28, 2007.) Over at the best apologetics radio show there is-- at least for now until there is one that actually is not a 501c3 and beholden to the World as Stand to Reason is-- host Greg Koukl interviewed fellow apologist and recent Roman Catholic convert Frank Beckwith about his "change of mind.&quo