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The Inclusivity Gauntlet Is Already Wiping Off the Planet Many of Its Victims

In my latest homepage piece , I get a bit more into what The Babylon Bee satirized, "The Inclusivity Gauntlet." The loud and ravenous leftist voice in this country has gone so far in establishing an entrenched victim class that people who are not members have been relegated to second-class status, at least as far as the humanist hegemony proclaims. The effect of the Inclusivity Totalitarianism is indeed reaching critical mass on that demographic: Older, white, hetero, Christian males. Don't take my word for it. Please check out this piece on the suicide rates of these men . It isn't just that many of them are committing suicide, as a portion of the total population it is a small number. It is just that it is larger than it has ever been, and the reasons are wide and varied. The piece is from a pretty liberal publication and it talks disdainfully about guns and liquor, but the most significant reasons are not that hard to grasp. The marauding idea of instituti