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The Reality Just Isn't All That

The current election pronouncements reveal a splendidly truthful thing postmodern philosophers posited years ago. The simulacra are more important than the reality . Postmodernists generally dismiss truthful things anyway as only so much power. Nothing is really truthful anyway, thus the simulacra become the reality . This is just a fancy term that refers to the reigning projections, or the embraced imageries of things people believe are real. Since there is no reality, the simulacra will do. Nothing could explain the current Biden-Harris-Democrat-Technocrat-Media falling all over themselves pretending to be president of the United States. It doesn't really matter who is president, he or she is and always has been under the authoritative instruction of Rome's deepest operative potentates anyway... but wow, is this a spectacle! Come on people! You can't beat this show! Just ride with it -- it is so much fun! You gotta admit: it is thrilling to feel like you've just clock