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...You Will Not Remove Their Folly From Them --- Unless the A.I. Does It

I caught this very interesting piece over at ZeroHedge , one that highlights remarks by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. He points out that of all the bountiful benefits that this thing most people call "A.I." does, there is indeed one major item that may very well not be so desired after all. Makes perfect sense . Might want to take that Bible off your shelf for further reference. Seriously. Gensler points out that with the "A.I," or what-should-be-called SPIT for SuperDuperReallySuperDuper-Fast Processing Information Technology being used to reeeeeeeally  do a spit-shine job of peeking around at everyone's financial affairs -- -- And finding out how absolutely & thoroughly, wickedly & deceitfully arranged they really are ... ...That when the SPIT shit hits the fan and all of it gets uncovered, well, you know. It's easy. That would be very very very bad for everyone. It'll be that contagion that everyone fears, that thing that will just do the worst a

Though You Grind a Fool in a Mortar...

There is another striking Proverb, this one the 22nd in the 27th chapter, that says it doesn't matter how much you shake a fool's head and tell him or her "Stop it," the folly still remains. Bam . The only deliverance is The  Deliverance, Jesus Christ. To see with His eyes and understand with His mind. That's it.  Otherwise, fools are going to do folly. I can't help but share the latest of the World idiocy out there, these just some of the most shining examples. There are so many, but these are pretty rich. One, some large presumably well-respected athletic organization established a competitive event of some kind as "open enrollment." The idea I am sure is to avoid all the ruckus about men-pretending-to-be-women competing in women's events, just make it so anyone who wants can join up: men, women, non-binary, anyone free-to-be-who-they-want-to-be-hey-we're-all-extra-tolerant-here -- and then it will all be fair and open and wonderful. Umm...