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Walls and Bridges

The news streamers have had a field day with the battle royale between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and World System potentate Francis I. Trump has said he wants a wall to slow the excessive flow of immigrants coming into the U.S, while Francis says walls are not for Christians, presumably because Christians are supposed to be about being kind and welcoming and hospitable and all that. I mean, after all, he is  "Pontifex Maximus", he is Supreme Bridgebuilder. How magnanimous of him to say all that. Both have since scaled back their vitriol, Trump because he knows so many voters adore the Pope, Francis because it is unbecoming of the World's most celebrated pastoral-oriented individual. So what's the end game with all of this? As it is no one will get it, except for the few who take Scripture seriously. For one thing, walls are not bad things. Everyone has some kind of blockade around their home to keep unfavorable individuals from getting in --