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The July 14th Celebration of the Pretend Freedom Everyone Thinks They Have

Today is July 14th and you know what that means. We all get to think deeply and longingly about all those who heroically STORMED THE BASTILLE! We can contemplate what it means to FIGHT THE MAN! We can labor maniacally to keep any misled potentate from infringing on MY PERSONAL FREEDOM DAMMIT! Except that over 100,000 French law enforcement agents have been mobilized for today's festivities... you know, because the last few weeks have been a riot of freedom in France, literally , and... you know, having law enforcement breathing down your necks at every corner is the very definition of freedom. No, really, the red-letter date July 14 should be celebrated for the launching of the ship Negrona  from Venice en route  to Cyprus then Haifa to bestow upon the newly emerging brilliant militant operative, recently blessed with the authority to govern the World by Pontifex Maximus, all the iconographic insignia handed down from Cain when he was first awarded the duty of managing the planet&

July 14 1523: The Birth of the Modern World System

It seems like anniversaries are the thing now, more vivid showcasing of them as ever. Just the other day July 4th featured the grandest exhibition I've ever seen of the power of all sorts of mortar, ordnance, munitions -- blinding and deafening in some instances, to the rapturous glee of all participants. Earlier last month it seemed lots of people liked to give some cred to "Juneteenth," you know, so they can viciously spout about how splendid their pretend "freedom" is. Even July 14th coming up in a week is celebrated a bit as the day when the common folk have the ganas  to pushback against the evil privileged hegemony by raiding the armory of a prison and commencing a period of wonton slaughter when everyone would really  see the meaning of  Liberté, égalité, fraternité!... ..." Ou la mort!" Huh. "Or death." Okay then... I'd like to think there are grand preparations all about for the actually significant anniversary, the one from 1523


There it is. The date I'm posting for the day when we'll actually see what this present cultural hellscape will bring. This is not any prediction of Jesus' return or anything like. It is just I've been thinking about the horrific woke sewer that is bilging into everything and wondering -- what precisely is this all going to look like, three, four years from now? So this past Saturday, July 1 2023, I thought I'd put a firm date to it. Exactly four years to the day from that date. That date itself is insignificant, but again the thought, what is our country going to look like when we arrive at that date? What will our planet  look like? Will something have happened over that time period that on that date everything will look violently different than it does today? It is indeed my consideration that it will. The things I'm thinking... One, God's wrath will be poured out on a increasingly wicked populace, and yes, upon so many good wholesome Catholicists who ena