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So It Is About Sexbots After All - Who'da Figured?

I came across an interesting article in Daily Wire  today, and checked it out further on the NBC News website. It is about an influencer of some renown -- I'd never heard of her but then I don't pay much attention to any of these people -- who earned $70,000 in one week selling her "AI" "Chatbot" persona on-line. Apparently she'd spent many hours with computer engineers of some sort working it all out. Essentially, you can go out on a nice little date with this gal's "AI." Um, as long as you pay up. Hmm, I thought escort services were established precisely for this sort of thing? I thought, at least a while back, you could "Dial Debbie" and for $9.95 you could smooch with her over the phone for five minutes? But hey!  Now we have AI! There're chatbots that can say anything you want them to say! And  you can do it with your very favorite hot-babe influencer! And it'll sound really really  real! What was so goofy was the nu