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The Second Chronicles 20 to 24 Factor

I've been hoping to have enough impetus to put together more blog posts related to why the interminably marauding insanity out there out and about in our world. It is really hard because, as I've been sharing a bit lately,  it is all so overwhelming . There is so much of it.  Aside from all those notes I've been jotting down to translate into a few more decent blog posts related to the Jeremiah 50 Factor and the Romans 6 Factor , I just now came across this interesting page from ZeroHedge  a brief piece written by Caitlin Johnstone at It has 15 questions kind-of asking about all the instances preeminent political activity is observed to be so impotent. Indeed, let's face it, these questions have been asked for millennia . They are really nothing new. Even when people lived in contemptible squalor, death, and despair, while trudging through life under some vassal in some benighted fiefdom back in 1300 or whenever -- These questions were asked . In whatever f

The Romans 6 Factor, Addendum

Last night the Dodgers and Giants played their baseball game, there at the Los Angeles stadium where the Dodgers regularly play. As you may know it was "Pride Night" for the Dodgers, and this month every single major league baseball team is having one except one, the Texas Rangers. I mean, what is wrong  with them those bigoted Nazi homophobic Neanderthal evil EVIL EVIL!!!  Texas Rangers! We should all remember to incessantly call them names and insist that the New York Times writes most disdainfully of them. Anyway, out front of the stadium were a few hundred protesters, I think it was about that many, who blocked roads and entrances to the stadium. They were holding up signs along the lines of how much the grotesquely nun-attired sodomist-oriented PR group is ruining the idea of the Roman Catholic faith, by ridiculing it with such insensitivity and all the rest of it. Good job good crusading Christians! Make that statement! Except that the Dodgers and this nun-dressed group

The Romans 6 Factor

I will confess right here and now. I am a passionate San Francisco Giants baseball fan . I grew up in the California Bay Area, and my dad took my brother and me to a number of Giants games. We sometimes went with our Little League teams. Being at Candlestick with them and watching Mays and McCovey, even Maddox and Matthews play ball was transcendently enchanting. When they finally won San Francisco-residing World Serieses in not only 2010 but 2012 and 2014, it was rapturously delightful. What is even more agonizing is I will never stop rooting for them. I still occasionally peek in to see how they are doing there in the standings, hope they're doing okay -- indeed right now they are a winning team and this weekend taking on the hated Dodgers. Of course I actually like the Dodgers but only if we clobber them often enough. It is no good to play ball against nobody -- you've got to have a bitterly detested archenemy to loathe with all your guts . The Los Angeles Dodgers are that f

The Jeremiah 50 Factor

I've just uploaded my latest home page piece , this one for the summer here, and I always blog a bit to introduce it. There is always something I can add to the discussion, sometimes something I simply could not fit in the home page piece. It is really hard to do that right now. The reason is simply there are too many insanely demonic things heaving up from the Infernal Palace that I just don't have the time or wherewithal to get into them. Lots of others do, and that's fine -- I'd even made mention of Victor Davis Hanson who does a spectacular job of constantly reminding us of how Hell's designs make their way into interminably legitimate Ecclesiocratic behavior. Sometimes it just gets overwhelming. I can, however, make a brief reference to what I see in Scripture that reminds us that no matter how maniacally destructive are the arrangements of Cain's Legacy, God wins in the end. As heinously lethal is the Culture War, "Mercy triumphs over judgment."