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Another of the Critical Things John Lennox Missed

In my last blog post I wrote about the time just last month I watched John Lennox share Christ in a lecture hall of about a hundred people, young and old, at a prominent secular science college. I spoke about a couple of the key things he missed, and no disrespect, Lennox is an amazing apologist. I'd like to think afterwards many in the audience genuinely considered making Christ their Lord and Savior. Not sure, though. Not being cynical, I just want truth to reign. One of those other things Lennox missed is the fact that the concept of justice upon which he based a core part of his address is a scientific concept . This thing justice is  testable and falsifiable. It is something that can be proven to affect all people in the same way all the time. In the same way photosynthesis is the way plants make energy, justice is the transcendent standard for people to treat other people and know how to treat other people, and it is so scientifically . That we don't know all the asp