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Ron Paul Meets the Press

This morning the news interview show Meet the Press featured Ron Paul. I'd imagine all those who consider themselves true blue dye-in-the-wool conservative Constitutionalists were paying close attention, for this was the first real mainstream press exposure for Paul to elaborate on his quasi-libertarian perspective. What I saw was a typically deft and well-prepared Tim Russert tear apart Paul, who appeared to hem and haw even in-and-around what many see as quite principled positions: dramatic reduction of the scope of government, ending the income tax, limiting our business in the affairs of other nations, and so forth. Paul's problem is that the Agency of Cain must by nature behave in unprincipled ways. The primary functions of the World System's government are all murderously deceitful. Countless times in the past Paul bellowed about his disdain for that perfidy in very concrete ways. Russert was ready, pounding him with it and demonstrating that you can't be fully p

Baseball Like Us

I'd written a lot about how major league baseball was a scam because of free agency and something I've called "competitive duplicity," the idea that the powers-that-be in baseball set things up so that certain teams are guaranteed to have an unfair competitive advantage to ensure the continued viability of the game. (Just as a heads up, some of my work is at EEEEEE! a San Francisco Giants fan site run by a very good friend, and my seminal writing is here .) Recently lots has come out about major leaguers using steroids. Indeed just today former Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte confessed he's used them, but not to build up but to better heal from an injury. I think the first thing that I feel, being a Giants fan and, as such, a great admirer of Barry Bonds, is how silly the whole asterisk thing is now. I was hurt every time someone would blithely speak about an asterisk next to Bonds home run achievements, and then laugh as though they were all above it. Now it is re

"My Good Bud, Mr. Christ, and I, Off Shopping for the Next Good Leader"

A wonderfully hilarious opinion piece appeared in the Los Angeles Times today by humorist John Kenney, "Mr. Christ and Me." It was the absolutely perfect satirical exposition of the political Catholicist's devotion to his own Jesus. You may know that recently Republican Mitt Romney felt the need to rationalize his "faith" as being quite within the mainstream. For most of U.S. history Mormonism has existed as a pariah religion outside the boundaries of Americanist religious culture, but over the past many years it has gone to great lengths to market itself as being as normal as any other Christian faith. The silliness of Romney's attempt can only truly be seen through the eyes of Scripture, which cuts so incisively that nothing is left to doubt. One of the things it divides quite nicely is the World and the Kingdom. The Kingdom's monarch is none other than Jesus Christ. He reigns supremely, majestically-- and still considers His own as beloved children of

The Outbirthing in Europe

I am just beginning a new book called God's Continent about the expanded presence of Islam in Europe. I'm just at the first few pages, and right out of the gate there was an interesting note about Muslim's designs on a religiously moribund Europe. It is simply that Muslims plan to "outbirth" the people of other religions, notably Christianity. It is now well-known that Europe's birthrate has leveled off and in some places has gone negative. Lots can be said about that, but the thought I had about this outbirthing strategy of Islamic dominance was this: Children do follow closely the things parents do, even if those things are quite ungodly. One could easily say that Islam is an ungodly religion, and in many ways it is, but much of the derision of it comes from those not in the Muslim God Club. They are zealots for the "Not-Islam" religion, and that religion is often quite Catholicist. One very good thing about Islam is that it is very law-oriented.