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Another Slavery Beyond Juneteenth, One of the Most Crushing (and Necessary)

An item showed up in a Facebook post about someone who fears. When you read this brief part of a longer passage, you'll see why the witch hunt is so frightening. It is obvious that a key element of the racialist crusade is to ferociously perpetuate the greatest anxiety in the hearts of whites as a punishment for all the racist crimes the crusaders have been spotlighting for optimum virtue-signaling. Anyway, here it is, the conclusion to a piece about the insane things that make up the roiling racialist and coronavirus hysteria: "If you are silent you are part of the problem. If you speak, you are part of the problem. If you have to ask, you don’t understand. If you don’t ask, you don’t care.  It’s all so predictable, tedious, and exhausting. Nothing adds up. It’s one gigantic math life problem, with ever changing denominators that I’m sure the media and politicians are eagerly ready to solve for us... until the next 'crisis.'" What a terrific explanation of

A Tale of Two NASCAR Drivers

I love NASCAR racing. I actually like all auto racing. I love fast cars and fast car drivers duking it out on the speedway. When you have a favorite driver, even if you're picking a couple of them to win a ten-lap race at the local race track, it is a blast. Sometimes you're sadly disappointed, other times it is wonderfully exhilarating when your guy or gal wins. NASCAR is probably the most popular circuit out there right now, but I'd bet it's popularity will dwindle because of the racialist attacks against its most faithful fans. The sport has already seen a noticeable drop in attendance and viewership much because it has become too tied to identity politics. I mean, really, some people can only be called a bunch of racist rednecks so much. If you saw what happened this past Sunday, it wouldn't be surprising to see the stands remain empty even after the coronavirus hysteria has eased up a bit more and a few more fans are welcomed back to the tracks to watch rac

The Slavery Beyond Juneteenth

June 19th, or "Juneteenth," has come and gone, along with another splendid opportunity for devout leftist SJWs to bully anyone they think was, is, or will always be a part of the particular brand of slavery they revile. Recently Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation wrote an excellent piece about the slavery these people refuse to see, and it made me think. It made me think about the rampant slavery out there going full bore  today , and how much the sniveling obsession with the racist slavery of the antebellum period is severely constricting the ability to see what should  be addressed. The claim what happened 150 years ago is a sort-of slavery still existing today in the form of white privilege and systemic racism is mostly a fantasy used to rationalize the worst socialist policy, one that is indeed rocketing forward at warp speed on the strength of institutionalized shaming on steroids. Here are a few of the slaveries  still  around today, yet rarely get broad

Juneteenth, Pride, and Summer Solstice

What a weekend for the System's provocations. One of the most important functions of Cain's legacy is to stir rebellion in its nation's inhabitants. And this weekend may likely be the most pronounced celebration of that significant activity. Today you have a commemoration of the final announcement of emancipation made after the Civil War ended in April 1865. This is unquestionably a fine thing, emancipation, liberation respected by the authorities, the official end of slavery. The questionable part of this abruptly expanded version is how much this holiday is being used to browbeat white people with the idea that they are still racist and they need to do a lot of explaining, including how much they must hand over large portions of their wealth to make amends. Look at the kinds of demonstrations the Juneteenth promoters will have today. Legions of progressively minded folks with serious rebel streaks (the irony) hitting the streets furiously shouting and waving signs &q

Juneteenth, the Latest Opportunity for All White Racists to Finally Come Clean

Juneteenth is upon us, tomorrow, June 19th, the trendy new holiday for gently but firmly reminding us all just how racist white people are. After all, blaring in our ears how slavery officially ended with the last official emancipation declaration in Texas on this date in 1865 is bound to get us to be finally convinced that we finally  ought to stop enslaving blacks with our still festering racist discrimination since it was all supposed to be taken care of way back then. After reading a bit more of the account of the New York Times  newsroom kerfuffle related to a white US Senator's op-ed about use of the military to protect person and property from violent rioters, I saw something I hadn't seen before, and it made me think. One of the things these endemically racialist-minded young staffers at the Times  did was share their fears that publishing the piece would threaten their fellow black colleagues. My mind had thoughts of white staffers telling the black ones, "

The Pandemic of Folly Will Never End

Every once in a while I hear some good news. I hear that there may be a chance someone will speak some sanity into decision-making regarding both the rancid racialist and coronavirus hysteria that continues to metastasize. One minute I hear or read something intelligent, thoughtful, wise, ahh there is hope -- then in the very next minute there is another example of the typical lethal absurdity that characterizes these times. I simply cannot see anything happening that will end this madness any time soon. I must steel myself for the worst. I've even come to the stark realization that being a truth-teller could lose me my job as a teacher, and my job is  to tell the truth. What irony. See, this racialism socialism stuff has been percolating for so long that it does seem as if it is finally reaching a boiling point. As a teacher I've always shared with my students the extraordinary dangers of socialism -- that when everyone is mandated to have equal amounts of everything, inc

The Contrast Is Pretty Damned Stark

One of the most devastating effects of the socialism marauding through our nation now is the proliferation of young people being put in positions of power -- across the board, in every decision-making capacity. Please know that young people in and of themselves are not up for grabs, I'm definitely not doing what the Black Lives Matter crowd is doing and saying " X group [in their case all white people] is guilty of a crime [racism] and must be punished." I am  saying that socialism destroys wealth on a macro level and paying young people to do jobs older more experienced people must do is far cheaper. The only thing is, just that: young people simply do not have the required life experience and rigorous education to be handling the power we have given them . And because of the wealth-eviscerating nature of fully implemented socialist principles, so many young people will be left destitute as a result.  Really, they are completely losing sight of the truth that for soc

The Contrast Cannot Be More Stark

Extraordinarily stark is the contrast between the World System sent out to crack heads with all due psychological terrorism weapons and the Kingdom open to those who ask The Savior to let them in by virtue of His spilled blood for their redemption, and things happening right now cannot make that more pronounced. Here is one such present contrast. Kingdom:  After God issues the Ten Commandments to Moses and the people He's chosen to introduce us to The Savior, He elaborates. Here's one item related to the Ninth one, the one about bearing false witness: "Do not bear a false report; do not join your hand with a wicked man to be a malicious witness. You shall not follow the masses in doing evil, nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after a multitude in order to pervert justice; nor shall you be partial to a poor man in his dispute." This is the first paragraph of the 23th chapter of Exodus. What it says very clearly is that not only should you no

The School of Fear is Having Its Day, Addendum

"You asked, 'Who is this that obscures my plans without knowledge?' Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, too wonderful for me to know." This blog effort is titled Wonderful Matters because of the words in the 131st Psalm, but these words from Job apply just as much. Too often we try to figure out things without the full counsel of God, and I am often quite guilty of that. That is Job confessing to God there about something God told Job after he and his friends just spent thirty-plus chapters in the book spouting about things God has not said or done. Oh they got some of it right. Job and his friends do bring up a few things that are legitimate concerns about life and reasonable thoughts about the way things are. But for the most part we just don't know what God is doing with whatever it is that is happening out there . The reason I am all about wonderful matters in spite of that truth, is that even though: God has indeed let us in on many of His w

The School of Fear is Having Its Day

Among all the present nightmares fomented by the Frankfurt School founders -- and those guys are much farther back and deeper in than Heidegger, Adorno, Marcuse -- one that caught my attention may not be the most serious but it is one of the most telling. The guy who has announced Sacramento Kings basketball games for years was fired because he put in a polite, harmless tweet the words, "All lives matter." Oh my . It is still stunning that sharing the words All lives matter  is considered by the newly dominant racialist hegemony as meaning "I'm the worst racist on the planet and so justifiably deserve the most expansive amounts of the most vicious opprobrium all those who are smart and righteous and woke can heap upon me." What's incredible is it's not just being yelled at. It's people losing their jobs. It's people losing their livelihoods. It's people losing their homes. It's even people losing their lives. Even on the str