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God Loves Us So Much He Lets Us See the Consequences of Our Sin In All Its Horror

In a post a little while back I made a remark about praying for my enemies, and also praying for the mitigation of the effects of what legitimately powerful potentates do. I've thought a bit about that statement, the one about praying that people wouldn't suffer so much for the things they ask their lords to do. I've actually thought, huh, that may not be the best thing to pray for. Huh?  Now I know as you may know that praying for the very best for anyone is not a bad thing at all, I got that. The prayer is one of magnanimity, really, and who wouldn't want that spoken prayer on their behalf, I got it. I do want the ultimate best for anyone, and will always pray for that. But I look at what God does in Scripture.  His  ways are light years and light years beyond ours. It is so amazing what He does, even though the seasoned humanist would viciously revile such a move. But God has His reasons, perfectly just and righteous when you look carefully and get a real underst


I'd read a devotional the other day that was pretty basic, but sobering. It made the point that the only sure thing in life is judgment and Hell. Once we accept that fact, then life becomes tolerable in that God by His grace and lovingkindness extend to us deliverance from that harrowing destiny. But what about those who don't care about that God business? What about those who simply have different beliefs than you do? Are you being mean and telling them they're going to Hell -- how mean! Well, ahem. The truth does hurt sometimes. I happened to catch the terrific 1972 film Deliverance  on the classic movie channel the other day. The last time I watched it was probably some 30 or 40 years ago. I'd remembered most of the substance plot and character-wise, but wow. What an eye-opener as to the magnitude of its meaning. Really, I'd finally gathered why it was titled such. Four stunningly naive and presumptuous men coming to terms with as horrifying a nightma

Don't Worry, the Prince Has Everything Under Control

Recently the political talk of coronavirus and lockdowns has faded a bit, and has shifted to the Michael Flynn case. Flynn was President Trump's National Security Advisor subjected to a serious technocratic attack for the purpose of damaging Trump's political standing. As it is some media are pointing this out, while The New York Times  and all its subdivisions are still holding out that this was a legitimate justice department operation and that no one should lose sight of the fact Orange Man Still Very Bad. Again today I listened to a few small parts of Rush Limbaugh's radio show, and a couple parts were particularly edifying. The first was his mention of a tweet by muckraker-extraordinaire Mollie Hemingway over at The Federalist , where she asked the simple question of the Michael Flynn case -- which clearly demonstrated that there was a coup of sorts among so many federal agents --"How can the mainstream media continue to thrive when they've been so plainly e

The Reigning Dead

"All who hate [wisdom], love death." I couldn't find a more striking, more succinct, more revelatory bit of literature than that little piece right there to describe the World right now. Or ever . It is the 36th verse in the eighth chapter of Proverbs, by the way, and the only reason I bring it up is because I want to blog very briefly right now about something I heard today that was pretty astounding. Even though the principles are timeless and wise people live by them, I just thought it was quite profound. I listen to Rush Limbaugh every once in a while, very infrequently in fact, but I do like him and his courage to say things straight up. I don't agree with everything he says, but I'm not getting into that. I do actually see that most of what he shares is indeed insightful, compelling, and yes, extraordinarily reflective of truthful things . Since I've been home doing my teaching with an online platform, I listened to a very small segment of his in w