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The Very Best Kind of Speech

The culture war rages on particularly with regards to how hate speech should or shouldn't be prosecuted. In July I blogged far more than I usually do simply to augment much of what I put in my home page piece then, "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Hate Speech Laws." This is merely a very brief post about the very best kind of speech, put into a video from the Bible Project that I've showcased in my latest home page piece . I'd just like to direct your attention to it. In it I include some remarks about how much I'd like to interact with those who actually get it -- indeed not just those who understand but those who actually want to enthusiastically bring the Kingdom into the lives of others. Sorry, but the Catholicized church just doesn't do that -- indeed, it isn't supposed to. It is only supposed to corral people and their behavior within the confines of turgid religious activity, whether that activity is overtly religious or not!