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The Boss Troll War

I can't help but begin this follow-up post to the latest in my "We're all just trollees" thread with this screenshot of a video showing a toddler being fitted with glasses so he could see, for what is effectively the first time ever. It is just heart-rendering to watch, and see the smile on his face when he can see, especially since his first clear sight is that of his beaming parents. The reason I'm leading with this simply amazing photograph is I definitely see this as a tremendously profound metaphor for what happens when Christ gives sight to not only the blind, but to the wicked, the foolish, the devious, and the stupid. When they actually see glory of the One and Only Savior, the magnitude of his mercy and forgiveness, and the overwhelming beauty of the Kingdom -- well, Scripture tells us angels in Heaven rejoice. In my latest home page piece I made a valiant attempt to be simple with my exposition of the World-Kingdom distinction, and while I believe what

Rome is the Boss Troll and We're All Just Trollees Along for the Ride

Out on my walk I came upon a nice looking young couple from behind -- the woman pushing a stroller and the man walking a dog on a leash. I thought, how nice, they've got a small child... until the gal turned around and the stroller was empty. It was for the dog . The dog then hopped in and the couple then went back the other way. This is just an anecdotal story and this couple may be planning to have children or they may even have them back home being watched by grandma while they are out. They may also be unable to have children for whatever reason, but it makes me think about how many young adults hypnotized by the Frankfurt School dogma are swearing off having children because of things like their perceptions of climate change or the bothersome intrusions of the oppressive heteropatriarchy. I mean, it is perfectly rational, why bring children into a world that appears so threatening? It is, however, thoroughly unrighteous.  It is not hard to see why, in the simplest sense. If th

Don't Worry, I'm a Trollee Too

I had hoped to put up an expansive follow-up post to my "There are only trolling fields" thread, but it is just too much. I've shared it before, there is just so much tremendously abject folly sloshing about everywhere that it does just get to be overwhelming. I just don't have time to address it all -- and I do so only in the name of my blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and only so others who do happen to come across these words will seek to enter the Kingdom by the Only Way In. But then, wow, I see so much out there from fools who with their rigidly entrenched Epicurean ideology go waaay out of their way to make people like me look crazy. Sharing Christ and Kingdom can be quite daunting! But then, that's precisely what I must confess in this post. All the filth spewed out by so many in a richly Catholicist nation cannot dampen the power of God's Word to penetrate hard hearts. Yet  then  I can see how much of a trollee I  am. I see the ugliness and I just

There is No Such Thing as Freedom of Speech, Only Trolling Fields - Redux

I came across a couple more monographs about the impending war, the real live physical one we're about to enjoy as a result of all the horrific emotional and spiritual violence spewed about right now. I'd written about it a bit recently in this blog effort , and ruminated a bit just as these fellows did about how expansive and even secessionist it will get. That emotional and spiritual violence?  You can't miss it in all the things people are saying to one another out there. It is worse with readily available social media content splashed everywhere -- the world is now just one big massive trolling field. Last September I put up a blog post about this thing, Freedom of Speech , sharing something I've shared in various places, a Truth Rule if you will. There is no such thing as freedom of speech. Sure we think we can say what we want and in good ol' America you'd think you'd be free to say anything you want and it's really a nice feature of the good ol&#