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That Financial Human Sacrifice is Indeed One of the Worst

Just wanted to post a brief follow-up to my last post , in which I elucidated the reasons why the manipulation of the society's value assessment tool, in the US it has traditionally been the dollar -- as it has around the world for some time as the global reserve currency -- is one of the most destructive things happening right now. I mean right at the top of the list of really devastating things out there. I thought, huh, aren't there a lot of other inane things out there that're killing us way more? The Ukraine war racketeering pushing us to WWIII? The climate change hysteria the policy demands of which will lead to millions of deaths worldwide from completely unnecessary energy resource depletion? The Covid lockdown idiocy that still ravages huge segments of what should be the most advanced intelligent parts of society? Yeah, those and several more are really, really bad. But that monetary unit exploitation in the name of really spiffy virtue-signaling among the extraord

What It Is About Modern-Day Human Sacrifice, the De-Fi Edition

I simply had to put up a brief post with a link to this article . It is over at Quillette , and they generally have quite solid pieces there from writers who are courageous enough to articulately tell truthful things. Some of those pieces actually do get into the rank horrors of the sodomist cult, particularly regarding the craze of mutilating one's own body to show off how much he or she believes he or she is the opposite sex. I do believe all the sodomist insanity marauding through society is the most instrumental thing that will destroy our present civilization, not necessarily because of the sodomist stuff itself, although it is extraordinarily rotten, but that it represents such a profound rejection of biblical standards for relationships, starting with male-female distinctions, interactions, and the very significant innate roles each sex must play for a society to function in a healthy way -- all the way to what happens with the children and their emotional and spiritual form

What It Is, Human Sacrifice Edition, Part II

The World System does human sacrifice. Today. Everywhere to everyone. It is done in dozens of different ways in the most imaginatively pertinent and mostly imperceptible ways. It is carried out at the behest of the militantly religious and insidiously brilliant deepest state operatives working within the Roman Ecclesiocracy. And yes, it is all accomplished by God's permission for the divine purpose of regulating the behavior of reprobate people, those who simply refuse to appropriate righteousness in the only place it can be found: Jesus Christ. In my last post I'd written a bit about how the System has utterly whacked out what we are to think about the critically important thing sexuality , you know, that we all know it is perfectly fine for people to put their genitals against any other living being they want as long as it is "consensual," that enough people should wave rainbow-type banners or wear the appropriate ribbons to show how tolerant and not-mean they are,

What It Is, Human Sacrifice Edition

Earlier this week an NHL player refused to go out for warm-ups before a game because it was "Pride Night" at the arena and the team wanted him to wear some rainbow kind-of thing with the rest of the team. Of course the expected showcased ferocious remonstrations followed. He was dragged out before microphones and cameras and firmly asked to 'splain himself -- same song-&-dance. As usual with these kinds of things he responded with the typical blather: "My religion prevents it," whereupon everyone could be assured that that  religion is indeed a backwoods bigoted intolerant racist sexist homophobic craptastic Neanderthal religion that is perfectly fine for a lout like this  player to have but not us smart thoughtful tolerant enlightened progressive people. Several things to consider here. First, if indeed sodomist behavior cannot be helped and is pretty-much the same as having a particular skin color, a trait that is characteristic of irrevocably being the ki

What It Is

There are so many things happening that are destroying the soul of this country, things that have been destroying the souls of many nations for some time. In fact I'd say those things have always been destroying their souls from time immemorial, it's just people don't notice because they've been taught so well to be too stupid about it all. What is it? What's really happening? I have so many notes to blog about so many things, many of them coming from the same old stories and the same old pointless solutions to these phenomenally harrowing things. Oh the litany of "WE NEED TO DO THIS," "WE NEED TO DO THAT." Tiresome. Here's a piece to start. I was directed to it just now by fine apologist Sean McDowell in my Twitter feed, and I've only read a small portion of the interview, but you could make a fine case for a huge part of the problem is that insidiously powerful voice that has been given free reign to spew the stupidest things out there