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The Death of the Algorithm

Today I came across this piece in the Washington Post , and it kind of surprised me. I'd been seeing all this stuff about how great Bitcoin is and will be and let's all jump on the digital currency bandwagon and all our economic lives will be perfectly delightful all the time. Now some have come to see the reality of its lethal inadequacies. The problem is that the author of the piece is still an entrenched World inhabitant, believing if we just got at the algorithm, or, really, I should say The Algorithm , then all our economic lives will be perfectly delightful all the time. Erghck. Not surprised mind you. It is typical folly, I understand. I have nothing against any kind of currency, digital or otherwise -- these are just convenient tools to help with financial affairs. It's all good. The problem is that people are deaf, dumb, and blind to the real  issue. Oh, when I tell you what it is you'll say "Yeah yeah, I know that." When I tell you the solu

Mad Max and the War Room

I saw two movies the other night. My son and my wife picked up two movies from Red Box I actually wanted to see, and so I watched them. The first was War Room, the second was Mad Max: Fury Road . I'd recently seen that Mad Max  got an Oscar nomination for best picture. Hmm, maybe it's pretty good. So I watched them. War Room  was a powerful, engaging, touching, compelling drama about the beauty and wonder of prayer and fostering a relationship with a God who heals and saves. Yes it was predictable and melodramatic, yes. But it was a wonderful film that addressed real life concerns in a profoundly moving way. Mad Max , on the other hand, was a bloated, contrived, ridiculous waste of time. In the interest of trying to come up with the grandest hyperkinetic mega-dystopian thrill ride you'd ever see, you got a gruesome, psychotic, completely uninteresting pile of pap. 87% of it featured big bad-ass kick-ass-looking vehicles doing battle in the desert showcasing the wildes

The World System's Resolutions for You: Don't Be Extreme and Don't Be Too Big To Fail

It's a new year and everyone seems to have renewed commitments to be better in some way. This year the most prominent System operatives continued to pound down the things you should do so they'll like you. In September Pope Francis told Congress, and by default all good Americanists, that they should not be too extreme about things. Avoid "extremism" he said, in so many words. Hmm. I wonder. Does he believe in that sentiment extremely ? Is he not an extremist in avoiding extremism? No, what the pope really means is "Don't believe in things we say you're not supposed to believe." One of the most brilliantly insidious things Rome does is convince people not to believe in God. I know that sounds counter intuitive -- I mean aren't Catholics all about God? Yeah, but not the God of reality. They have their own god, one showcased by the most spectacular religious institutions to drive people away from the true God. The other day I saw an opinion