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Lord of Racialism

So many are consumed by it. The Lord of Racialism insists you prove you aren't a racist or you will have the worst penalties assessed against you. And those proofs are the ones to which he says you must attend, such as frequent displays of sincere struggle session activity or regularly handing over decent portions of your value to demonstrate the most authentic sympathy for the interminable pain your ancestors have inflicted on those with a darker skin color than you. Oh, and this is an eternal penance, so get used to it. Occasionally I visit the local large retail bookstore, just to browse the new non-fiction -- see if there is anything that truly gets a bit into what is really going on. Nah. ::Sigh::  It's all the same -- World System imprimatur plap keeping people in their state of benighted quasi-comfort.  Here's a splendid example. A couple weeks ago (November 2) I was visiting the bookstore and perused this rack. Every tome here was a racialist screed of some sort, a

We Are Past the Point of No Return

I've realized we are too far into the horrifically draconian Covid hysteria driven policy mandates to turn back. And that may actually be a good thing. It is a good thing because it means our reliance on a God who is mercy and grace and overwhelming provision of peace and fortitude as we are dragged before the magistrates and severely penalized because we have Jesus on our lips will be that much more robust. We cannot trust in anything else. That is very good. Tonight at a pretty good sized megachurch they had another "Workers Rights During Covid Townhall." I attended one two Tuesdays ago specifically for teachers and it was a nightmare -- public school teachers in grave distress for losing their livelihoods because of this insanity. This evening's we just caught on livestream, but it was just as harrowing. They keep making the argument that your religious exemption will help. Nah, it won't. They also keep insisting the Covid mandate insanity is constitutional. No