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The Real Prison Block Housing, Addendum

It is funny, a social media thread that got quite a bit of traction recently related to the question, "How often do men think about the Roman Empire?' All kinds of responses went into the interactive cybersphere, most of them whimsical, you know, "No wonder my husband doesn't think about bringing me flowers any more," you know, those kinds of things. Well, in actual reality where our own personal identities and professional purposes and eternal destinies are quite relevant to every element of our thinking, the Roman Empire should  be something every one of us should be seriously contemplating at least a little bit. It is simple. The Roman Empire exists today quite prominently . As I emphasized in my last post , you can see the progression of this truth first in Scripture, then in incisive observation of what's really behind historical events and current affairs, and finally in perusing my own webzine work and there seeing more of the Kingdom/World contrast.

The Real Prison Block Housing

Just a quick post to update you a bit on some of the things I've been seeing and pondering. This'd be pretty long if I touched on all of it, but just a few things here for now. Yesterday picked up Edward Ring's latest piece . I've shared before I think he is one of the best at illuminating things out there, though again like most he'll never get to the truth that all of it is generated by Rome at the behest of every human's request that it crack heads for the mitigation of his/her evildoing. Anyway, you can get those truths in Scripture and maybe a bit more in my own writing ministry work which is only designed to direct you to Scripture and to understanding the evil the System routinely does and only then  to Christ and Kingdom and the only freedom that is worth anything. Anyway  (sorry I digress too much), Ring does do a phenomenal job of describing the effects of the System's head-cracking operation. Like having a nice home to raise a family? First that

The Capernaum Reality

Today is the day everyone is supposed to indulge deeply in the 9/11 mythology, and with it the fantasy that with the good-hands team of the happy wholesome ecclesiocratic hegemony you are really actually truly a very good person, while those other guys over there -- see them, if you don't we'll point them out to you -- they are verry baaad . Let's all seethe about them together, shall we? I think of this day, however, as another anniversary, the 35th, this one of the day when I heard arguably the most sobering message from the pulpit I'd ever heard. Yes, it happened to be on September 11 too. I'd written about it in some length with this blog post from ten years ago , but here's just a bit about it and why I'm augmenting it with a brief post here. The first half of the message was about how wonderful Jesus' home small city was. Capernaum was the name of the place, nestled nicely right there on the northern shore of an idyllic sea, Galilee. There Jesus wa

Sometimes the Wickedly Metastasized Folly is Hard to Bear

Another fine word from the Proverbs that I'd like to share. May I? "The human spirit can endure sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?" I will confess last night I pulled an entire post from my blog, one I'd written just that afternoon, and I'm not sure exactly why. The substance was still good, but my spirit just compelled me to do so. I've never done that before. I could say this or that, but I do believe there was something that told me I was just being a troller. Or a trollee, doesn't matter. Even if I write something quite reasonable, in today's world in some real sense I'm just trolling. Or even responding to trolls and enabling their folly. An entrenched fool brashly spouting the System line isn't worth it. I think of what my good friend Tupper Saussy said at the tail end of his ministry, just before he passed away in March 2007. I wrote about it in this home page piece , and it was about his dialing back his writing because he fel

There is No Such Thing as Freedom of Speech, Only Trolling Fields

I've come across an amazing proverb in the Bible that lends biblical weight to the idea that words murder. Wow do so many screech about how much they should be able to say ANYTHING THEY WANT DAMMIT, but the reality is different. That proverb, it is the ninth in the eleventh chapter: "With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors, but through knowledge the righteous escape." People are going to say stuff no matter what any schnazzy founding document says about prohibitions against government suppression of expression. And no matter what stout proclamations are made or how many blap loudly JUST HOW MUCH FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!!! -- words are life or they are death irrespective of any perceived freedom  to do any given thing. As much as words are indeed death, they are human sacrifice if employed by Cain's duly authorized mandarins or those given over to their designs. (That, by the way, is mentioned in the 21st verse of the 18th chapt