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What Goes in the Mouth Isn't Nearly as Significant as What Goes in the Spirit

Next week the acclaimed PBS documentary series Frontline will air an episode it claims will answer the question "Why haven't any of the top financial executives been prosecuted for their crimes related to the economic collapse?" I sometimes tune into these exposes, just to see what's really what, but over time I've discovered that they all look exactly the same. I used to watch to see if what I share regularly on my webzine is confirmed, but it always is, so what's new? Otherwise, these shows are always about a number of things. First, everything anyone says about what's really going on in Wall Street is a version of -- and I'll put it as nicely as I can -- "Someone had someone's mouth around their organ. That's how they were able to get away with it." If the interviewer asks someone in the business whose organ was having mouths wrapped around it, the interviewee will say, "Well, pretty much everyone had their mouths aroun

I Thought There Was Supposed to Be Less Violence

Yesterday in my newspaper was a report about some hostages being roughed up by some mean dudes in some mall incident. Sounded like there was a bit of physical violence involved, but I don't think anyone was killed. Thing is, I'd just finished a book by Harvard professor Steven Pinker that said we've got less violence going on all around right now. Hmm. I'd also heard a report about the total abortion numbers last year. Over 300,000. Simply doing the math, that's just under 1,000 babies being torn from their mother's wombs every day . I can't believe there isn't a little bit of violence involved there. But... I thought there was supposed to be less violence? At the end of the year I'd heard a news report that Chicago reached 500 homocides in its city for 2012. They made it sound like that number was a bad thing. Meanwhile New York's was a relatively low 400-something. They made it sound like that was a good thing, because it wasn't as

The Not-So Steep Fiscal Cliff After All

So, the day after the new U.S. Congress was sworn in, did that intrepid articulate Republican step up to the plate and deliver the message that would save America? You know, the one about slashing spending to move people to take care of their own, about slashing taxes at the same time so more of the nation's wealth could be spent on and invested in things the people themselves could choose and make happen by virtue of their own hard work? No? I didn't think so. I knew it wouldn't happen. What is very sad is that so few understand what more and more and more temporal government means. It just means there are just as few who are willing to love one another and do productive things out of that love. So many need Cain's agency. No matter what they say, they need Cain to minister his condemnation in their lives. So many laws and rules and regulations. So much management of the value of a populace pretending to love but only terrified deep inside. But this is the way it

How to Avoid the Effects of the Fiscal Cliff

So the fiscal cliff is so catastrophic because it represents automatic spending cuts and tax increases in order to shrink the deficit? Which means that the federal government is forcing itself to refuse to spend money on things they can't afford and at the same time expect American taxpayers to pay for the things they demand from said government? How can that be bad? Well, it's bad because soooo many depend on all that government spending for their livelihood in some fashion. And because soooo many depend on government not taxing them for them to spend their money on the things they'd like to spend it on. And as a result, there'll be pain. Except that I've heard Congress and the president are apparently hammering out a deal that would keep those triggers from kicking in, so that we can still have the spending and not have to pay for it, at least for now. Yay! Super Obama swoops down and grabs us as we proverbially plummet to the earth! Yaaay! Still, tho