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Uploading the Conscience

Just wanted to post briefly to share an interesting piece from one of the top people at American Mind , apparently a transcript of his testimony at a congressional hearing. Still appealing to Caesar, typical. But the substance of what he said is worth noting. He points out that many people believe The Algorithm  will ultimately save us, and he warns against that idea. I'd written about this very thing several years ago here in this homepage piece at my webzine . What I'm sharing isn't anything novel for those who're paying attention. And there're hundreds of takes on all this stuff out there -- What does AI really mean today?  kinds of things. They're everywhere. They pretty much say the same thing -- maybe they'll try to be really edgy, sound prophetically insightful. That's cool. The interesting thing about this particular writer's piece is in this quote: "Rather than trying to upload our consciousness to the cloud, our new cyborg theocrats h

We Have Been Past the Point of No Return for Millennia

One of the things that has fascinated me is how so many people around the globe could be carrying out the exact same foolishness related to this Covid thing. Someone in Austria is expressing the exact same sentiment as someone around the corner from where I live. "Wear a mask - get vaxxed - stay home or you'll kill someone!" How could all these people who've never met one another have the exact same viscerally gripping conception? A couple posts ago I wrote about being past the point of no return on this thing. After spending some time in prayer and Scripture, as well as just looking at what is going on out there right now, I've realized the point of no return occurred around six millennia ago when Cain murdered Abel and God sent Cain away but told him to run the city that would do all of what you are seeing today. What you are seeing everyone doing is nothing different than what people did in their devotion to Cain and their service in his city millennia ago. It