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The Breadth of Value Extraction in America

Sometimes I come across a piece of writing in the punditsphere that gets at the heart of the way the World works. All too often I think about how much I speak of meaningful things in my webzine, my blog, my ministry work; and I wonder where the articulation of support is out there. This work by Jerry Bowyer , apparently a blogger of some sort for a major business news magazine, is one such piece. It is titled simply, "The American Nomenclatura," a clear reference to those whose job it is to collect the extraordinary amounts of tribute from those who ask them to constrain their evildoing. Really, "job" is too weak a term -- it is more like ordination . Of course, please forgive me if I convey the idea that this is anywhere close to groundbreaking. That there are tribute-imposers and tribute-bearers is not that revelatory, though I do tend to try to shout that fact from the rooftops with my work. When I start to hear that the solution is something other than more

Just the Right Amount of the Kingdom

Recently I've been deeply pondering the idea of sowing , and in doing so I'm finding very little about it anywhere in the public discourse. No surprise. So many World inhabitants are entranced by what's blapped in the echo chamber that it doesn't get much airplay. Indeed, those so devoted to Cain and the humanistic principles of value extraction can't know a thing about it. Today I came across this piece from Bloomberg Businessweek , nothing that hasn't already been written about a zillion times through the ages. Essentially it is more of the World's pap about how puny our existence should be, generously peppered with pithy remarks from the World's authoritative priests: economists and psychologists. An added feature was a spiffy slideshow highlighting the 25 things the author and editors believe we have too much of. For your edification, they are :: big breath :: food law information books art medication longevity money education sex industry free

More From the Necessary Conspiracy

As the new year opens many have their attention on the hundreds of birds dropping from the air (that or a charming homeless man suddenly scoring it big on the merits of his golden voice). The puzzlement about the bird weirdness is almost always coupled with the theories about why it has happened. Was it fireworks? Was it a freak of nature? Was it an invisible UFO? Or was it some insidious manifestation of the rank conspiracy the new world order has going to bring us into submission to tyrannically bad things? Very few pay any attention to the more subtle, more telling, and more relevent revelations regarding the necessary conspiracy, the one started millennia ago to keep murderous man's murderous activities a tiny bit more in check. They say this year many local governments will be declaring bankruptcy, that even some state governments will be defaulting on their overwhelming debt. I hear these things and think about the information found in any comprehensive annual financial r