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The Critical Financial Component of the Boss Troll War

Recently an interview response by the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors for the president of the United States went viral. It was only a couple minutes long, this take by Jared Bernstein, and it was essentially this: Question: "Why does the United States government have to borrow its own currency?" Answer: "Um, well, err, umm, I mean, hmm, urrp, umm, blippity-blappity-oopy. [Long pauses throughout]." He was mercilessly ridiculed by the legion of trollees remarking quite viciously throughout the cybersphere, and as I sometimes do I will look at the comments and see if anyone gets it. Most times they don't, by miles. Most people like to post thinking they are blapping about how genius they are but they are only demonstrating how ill-informed or just plain stupid they are themselves. Well, I shouldn't call people fools. No matter how many billions there are of them, I really shouldn't. But they are indeed exploited by the System Ops to be such. A