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It is Grand Mythology Month Once Again

In my web surfing this morning I came across a post from someone linking to this movie scene . It is from Margin Call,  a film that came out a scant three years after the latest major financial crisis in 2008. I'd blogged on it already a few times before. They'd linked to it with a remark something along the lines of Here we go again... The scene is easily one of the most horrifying scenes anyone could behold. No, there are no wild knife-slashings and gushing blood-spewings, there are no roundhouse kicks to heads with teeth flying about, there are no machine gun rounds being unloaded onto evil gorks or dorks or orcs -- oh yeah that's what the ugly evil dudes are called in Lord of the Rings -- as the victims' bodies gyrate to the impact of the bullets smacking against them. No, what makes the scene so harrowing is that all the perpetrators are wearing spiffy $1,000 suits sitting pleasantly though quite uncomfortably in a big-city office-building high-floor plush meeting

The Only Thing That Matters

I really like the things that Miss Just-An-Artist-Questioning has put out. Wonderfully simple truths illustrated. This one features someone trapped in the thorns of lethal lies. Someone who loves has got the large industrial-scale set of clippers to extricate him. Funny, the one thing I could think about was how Scripture is described as a two-edged sword. It is indeed the only way one may know the truth employed to deliver another from that death. Except this thing,  truth .  I've been peeking again at Anthony Pezzotta's Truth Encounters  about the ways the Roman Catholic Church elevates the grandest deceits to keep its faithful enslaved. His very first words are from Scripture: Yahweh is the God of Truth (Isaiah 65:14). Jesus is the Way and the Truth (John 14:6). The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) The Word of God is the Word of Truth  (2 Timothy 2:15). (Emphasis his.) I saw a woman the other day in a professional setting where I was surrounded by hundreds of