God Loves Us So Much He Lets Us See the Consequences of Our Sin In All Its Horror

In a post a little while back I made a remark about praying for my enemies, and also praying for the mitigation of the effects of what legitimately powerful potentates do. I've thought a bit about that statement, the one about praying that people wouldn't suffer so much for the things they ask their lords to do. I've actually thought, huh, that may not be the best thing to pray for.

Huh? Now I know as you may know that praying for the very best for anyone is not a bad thing at all, I got that. The prayer is one of magnanimity, really, and who wouldn't want that spoken prayer on their behalf, I got it. I do want the ultimate best for anyone, and will always pray for that.

But I look at what God does in Scripture. His ways are light years and light years beyond ours. It is so amazing what He does, even though the seasoned humanist would viciously revile such a move. But God has His reasons, perfectly just and righteous when you look carefully and get a real understanding of what exactly He is doing.

What is that move?

When people do some really shitty things, He forces you to look at it. To see it in all its horrific glory, to grasp what it is exactly that you are doing. Then perhaps you will do what they did when the evil really got going way back as described at the very end of the fourth chapter of Genesis. After the evil was unbearably unconscionable: They called on the name of the Lord. 

Does God do this all the time? No, I don't think so, but when He does it is perfectly reasonable, indeed perfectly merciful. It is a hard truth, but the fact is far too often people just aren't paying attention.

What is funny is that we're still faced with this shit. You'd think after, what, at least six millennia we'd have gotten it. Not. I mean still a little while after Cain, there was Noah being asked to rescue a small bit of mankind from so much more of the shit. God eventually gave His own life in the person of Jesus still to rescue us from the shit so many refuse to look at.

Oh I get it. Who wants that? The humanist would just rather we all suck it up and tough it out and get along.

Jesus said it best. "You say you can see, but by doing so you confess you are actually blind." Go ahead, see what He said, there in the ninth chapter of John. Jesus also repeated that critical part of the sixth chapter of Isaiah, it's in a number of places in the New Testament. God was basically telling the prophet Isaiah, "Listen, these people could see straight and hear clearly and understand things and even be healed of their shit, they could! But first they have to look at it, they have to do that first or else it just won't mean anything. So your job is to keep them blind and deaf and dumb until they see it." (And if you're put off that I just used the S-H-I-T word there then you too aren't paying attention to the consequences, check it out there at the end of that sixth chapter.)

We are at the end of the standard school year, and right now thousands, indeed it's got to be millions of young people are being let off the hook for their grades because of the foolishly hysterical coronavirus response. Across the country too many administrators coddle these kids, "Oh my that they may have to endure difficulties and have to overcome them!" They're saying the same thing to the parents, who by now have also been told those things ad nauseam by powerful leaders and they too expect other people to make things nice for them in spite of their irresponsibility.

Many of these students, if not most of them, will go into the world as milquetoast people unable to shape and sustain a society anyone would want to enjoy because they won't have the character ("What I get is what I've earned even if it means hard work and making sure I get it done without some lame excuse to get out of it") or the knowledge ("I'm glad I studied really hard in school and learned this so I know what to do at my job to actually make someone else's life better").

Look at Minneapolis right now. At this time there is yet another round of violent rioting after yet another media-plastered Rodney King incident got splashed all over the airwaves. This racialist stuff is worse than the coronavirus, it is contagious and spreads and is evil as all get-out. It has already spread to other cities and even when this particular episode dies down in a couple weeks, there will another one and we'll all jump on the raging railing roiling carousel again.

It all originates from Rome's deep politics operatives saturating society with ideas that go through things like the Frankfurt School. The main one for these purposes:

"White people are evil because they've always run the oppressive hegemony over people of color, and something must be done about it!"

Look at that lie straight from Hell, racist as anything. Look at it -- of course, that's kind of the point, huh? Look at what shit that is. A white person is already condemned in the court of common misconception and has absolutely no recourse.

Here are his choices. If he denies it, he is a liar -- of course that's what white oppressors do. If he says he actually likes black people, he is just virtue-signaling and microaggressing because he can't really mean it. The latest is if he says nothing merely because he doesn't even know what he's been accused of, his "silence" necessarily means he is an accomplice to the obvious injustice -- no one can be excused dammit!

Finally if concedes he's a racist, he's just confessing complicity in the crime, and if he's a devout progressive humanist he must join the cause of the new hegemony of racialist browbeating or he will be overwhelmed with guilt. This is the thing that is so twisted -- these Frankfurt School graduates seek the power to oppress the ones they think are oppressing them. What's the difference though? When you then fully become the oppressors, may the newly oppressed class justifiably rise up and take you down?

All the rioting done with the lack of knowledge and understanding from so many people, and the police scared to death to do anything because if they do they'll end up on the front page of the New York Times as the worst of the worst oppressor class.

In fact, it is even worse for evangelicals. One of the latest New York Times tropes is that evangelical Christians are the ones who are making the coronavirus response the worst, because they're on the front lines of wanting everything to reopen again, especially their churches for shame! A notable tweet from renowned professor Steven Pinker, of whom I wrote a while back in my home page, said "Belief in an afterlife is a malignant delusion."

Their idea: Because evangelicals are so insistent on this fairy-tale afterlife thing, they don't care enough about this life and are the most reprehensible for not wanting to save people from the coronavirus scourge by joining everyone in endorsing and respecting even the most draconian lockdown protocols. They don't really value life! What a bunch of liars, fakes, and murderers.

Frankfurt School-educated New York Times-reading Society of Jesus-deputized humanists will never say this, but, well, they kind of did right there. Because they can hide behind social media posts and their cushy media-academia positions they don't have to apologize. Their thinking always comes out, however, when they feel threatened by the evil white evangelical heteropatriarchy and are inspired to spew yet again and lift the ferocious revulsion to an even higher level.

The problem is they've already accepted as fact their Titus Lucretius Carus David Hume-ian materialist assumptions that there are no afterlives or heavens or gods or supernatural anythings and use them to make all kinds of ridiculous claims -- perfectly rational to them! What they don't realize is the end game of this is nihilism -- nothing has any meaning at all -- and no existential rationalizing can get them out of their intractable predicament. They can spew idiocy until they're blue in the face but it is still idiocy.

Thing is, it is purely authorized by potentates far from God's presence.

What's so frightening is more and more are simply incapable of seeing it for what it is. They don't see Truth and Grace and Understanding and Wisdom in both Scripture and in the natural world -- yes, dual revelation means they have two sources for knowing things! Without excuse! Much of this is because more and more are getting sucked into the humanist materialist maelstrom because education is so tragically deficient. I'm a teacher by profession -- I know this all too well.

Watching the news of the riots for a moment last night, my wife even made another very bold observation, one that's been made many times.

Where are the dads?

Yeah-ahh. Where are those great fathers, being strong and courageous and principled and showing the toughest love they could? Certainly the state has replaced many of them, but look at the state's response to the rioting and looting in cities with this thing.


The farther and farther we get from Christ, the more and more destruction will be wrought.

And yeah, really...

What am I complaining about?

Isn't that what Scripture implies? Isn't that what I'm saying, that we keep our gaze on the shit we're perpetuating and the desolation it brings? So we get it?

Thing is, it means nothing unless you then call on His name, and not only be healed and delivered but know it and revel in it and glory in it.

What is great about genuine evangelicals is that they love you enough to let you recognize the consequences you refused to see before so you can now get out of it and behold the rapturous beauty of Him and His Kingdom.

All they want is to enjoy it with you not just in the afterlife but right now.


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