You Can't Get Gleanings From a Farm That Isn't There

I came across an amazing passage in Scripture I want to share with you. It is one I'm sure most -- and by most I'd say 99% of everyone -- has never paid any attention to, but it brilliantly illuminates the reality of what is happening with the socialism sodomism racialism plank of Cain's Legacy that is now fully marauding through the nation.

I'll just share it with you now. It is indeed from Jeremiah, which as you may have seen in previous posts is the subject of my devotional time right now. And yes, I'd read Jeremiah before, but didn't think about this passage until I applied it to exactly what is going on right here, right now.

From the 49th chapter, verses nine and ten:

"If grape gatherers came to you, would they not leave gleanings? If thieves came by night, they would destroy only until they had enough. But I have stripped Esau bare, I have uncovered his hiding places so that he would not be able to conceal himself; his offspring has been destroyed along with his relatives, and his neighbors, and he is no more."

What is so profound about this passage is that the only way anyone may have anything worth having is if it is there to begin with. And the only way it can be there to begin with is if the people and the things they produce are valued in some way.

In particular God is speaking about his judgment against Edom, a neighboring land to Israel. Edom is judged to the extent that not only will everyone see it is not valued anymore, but it will simply cease to exist. And if there is nothing there at all, who among the poor and disadvantaged will be able to survive if the valued things are not there to begin with?

I say this because again, everything is about religion. World System operatives and devotees labor under the pathodicy, the idea that their feelings rule anything they decide to do, and a hypnotic desire to virtue-signal means authoritarian government may do whatever it wants in the name of meeting the needs of the poor and disadvantaged.

In the Covid world this means distinguishing between the essential and the non-essential -- a completely pointless endeavor because there is no justification at all for any of the Covid lockdown insanity, but a new completely acceptable segregation system is already fully established for those significant hegemonically religious purposes.

The economic factor is simple. When the "non-essential" is done away and it is not so non-essential, there is not less of a given thing, there will eventually be none of a given thing. This is the extreme danger of equity thinking. Person A doesn't have as much as Person B, so we must get Person A more by punishing the wealth-generating capacity of Person B. Ahh the bountiful glories of socialist seduction.

Scripture is clear about sin. It will come under judgment, this is a certainty. At some point after it moves further and further into these disastrous public policy entrenchments, God will have something to say about it. The poor and disadvantaged are already getting crushed -- how crazy is that: all in the name of kindness and generosity from good Uncle Joe Biden. Well, really, Rome's genuinely authorized deep operatives telling Uncle Joe what to do so he can look so splendidly splendid.

The sodomism thing is just as heinously destructive. I watched two minutes of Bill Maher last night, and he was speaking with former Olympian swimmer Donna De Varona, and right away, of course as this year's version of the Olympics is winding down, the subject of transgender athletes came up. Neither straight up said, "This is abominable what they're doing. It is immoral, unrighteous, and plainly destroys lives and souls." Instead they tip-toed around it and spoke about it as if it was kind of okay but let's seriously have a discussion about it and yada-yada. Of course they did, if they didn't they wouldn't be on that show. The more they blapped on about it the more they legitimized it.

The problem is the more anyone allows themselves to get into any such immoral and unrighteous sodomist lifestyle, whatever it is, homosexual activity, transgender expressions, participating in exhibitionist events that openly endorse and celebrate it -- any and all of those things -- the more they find they are caught up in their own emotional, spiritual, and indeed physical destruction. Look behind the facade, look behind the bright shiny faces and you will see the overwhelming despair, desperation, and deep inner agony of falling into any of it. It seems so courageous and empowering at first, but after one sees it for what it is, it is tragic. The landscape of youth suicides, drug overdoses, and other utterly destructive effects is getting more and more harrowing.

The thing is, in Jeremiah not long after that passage is a verse about Sodom and Gomorrah, a reminder that God was patient with them, but after a while that patience runs out. From the descriptive language in and around these verses -- indeed throughout the entire Bible -- it is clear that the people are themselves guilty of the absolute worst crimes, things that are today elevated as good and wholesome. God is perfectly justified in doing what He says He is going to do. If you read Jeremiah you'll understand none of us escape that judgment.

What is amazing is that, yes, you know what is coming, He gave His life so He could be your amazing deliverance from all that, in the person of Jesus Christ.

One more thing real quick that caught my attention. There are so many of these kinds of evidences, the ones about it all being religion after all. Here is a really good one -- how committed Mark Zuckerberg is to making Facebook the dream-come-true of the Rome's ecumenical desires. He's managing to do what all the popes through the centuries could never do. 

Thing to remember is that Rome has always been The Metaverse. It is "catholic," what does that word mean? All the socialist sodomist racialist stuff? Just the substance of the religious zeal necessary for Rome to operate. Facebook is just doing what should be expected: making all of that so much easier to firmly establish. So nice all those spectacular techno-feudalist storefronts, window-shopping is so much fun -- and sometimes we buy and bring the grandest spiffiest idols right into our living rooms! The best!

It just won't be the Kingdom. That's for people who want real freedom from the abject dissipation by taking the worn nail-scarred hands of The Shepherd.

And as I look at that tweet I've included here, the one by CJ Hopkins there at Consent Factory, I realize that in contrasting the Kingdom and the World, there is no way there can not be that segregation. Wow. In a sense it has already been established, since what happened in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Yes, Kingdom people may indeed be reviled and spat upon as those others, Scripture tells us that could happen.

But I also believe that when Kingdom people respond with a smile, a prayer, a hymn, an extended hand in the face of the abuse, there will be some who see it...

And find Him.



  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    You see clearly through the smokescreen of the Vatican agents and their hidden operatives. Clearly, God's love is passing through you and granting you this clarity that you are so bravely sharing with the world. God's blessings upon you!


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