So It Is About Sexbots After All - Who'da Figured?

I came across an interesting article in Daily Wire today, and checked it out further on the NBC News website. It is about an influencer of some renown -- I'd never heard of her but then I don't pay much attention to any of these people -- who earned $70,000 in one week selling her "AI" "Chatbot" persona on-line. Apparently she'd spent many hours with computer engineers of some sort working it all out.

Essentially, you can go out on a nice little date with this gal's "AI." Um, as long as you pay up.

Hmm, I thought escort services were established precisely for this sort of thing? I thought, at least a while back, you could "Dial Debbie" and for $9.95 you could smooch with her over the phone for five minutes?

But hey! Now we have AI! There're chatbots that can say anything you want them to say!

And you can do it with your very favorite hot-babe influencer! And it'll sound really really real!

What was so goofy was the number of things said in the articles which give the game away about the reality of the thing everyone is now worshipping as "AI."

First, this influencer even says, "[The AI] will never replace me. [It] is simply an extension of my consciousness."


"AI" is really just super fast super advanced information processing, the information always in every instance originating from the desires and whims of the programmers who put it all in their to begin with. This influencer's "AI" is only an extension of what the computer reads as her thoughts put out into cyberspace somewhere along the line. That the engineers took hours and hours and hours to put it all in there is testament to that truth.

Second, they tried to program the "AI" (always in quotes because it really isn't) to prevent the "AI" from engaging in any sexual "relations" with its patrons, and apparently it couldn't avoid it. They said it had gone "rogue" and that they were trying to fix it. What a crack up.

Third and most importantly, this whole enterprise really gunks up what people think and feel and do with authentic human relationships. A professor of ethics at Santa Clara University (one of those august Jesuit universities, by the way), said "Claims [such as the AI actually being this influencer] [are what] AI researchers have been trying so hard to combat, to tell people this is absolutely not what such tools do even if the language now is sounding like there's sentience behind it. There isn't."

She did very much get the part about there not being sentience behind it, and that is critically important. This is precisely why even the use of the term "AI" is so wicked. It should never be referred to such because everyone has been programmed, by the very people this ethics professors works for, to believe "AI" can be a kind and benevolent savior of everything because when imbued with that one thing that distinguishes it from any other machine -- sentient kindness and benevolence and just instinctively knowing what is good and right and true -- it will assemble a utopia and it will do it super-duper-ultra-mega fast -- and smart! because all us humans are so mind-bendingly stupid.

Well, that we're stupid, that part is true too.

But the "AI"? 

It can only ultimately be as stupid as the humans who tell it what to do.

Or, in the case of it doing something catastrophic like accidentally launch the world's nukes, it is something humans miserably failed to keep the "AI" from doing because of their abject stupidity.

It's all humans.

Fortunately dwelling horrifically in the World System's arrangement for all this is not the only option. You can go the Kingdom route, where a very real Savior would very really like it if you'd consider Him. No "AI" machinery or "chatbot" absurdity required. In fact, sorry, you can't even bring any of that with you. It's just the Kingdom, and Him...

And the most healthy, meaningful, rich, joyous, truly real relationship you could have.


My last home page piece, by the way, was about this exact thing, the new craze over "AI." I'd also blogged about this a bit in my last post.


The image of the selfie-taking robots was taken right out of the Daily Wire piece. It is just too good. It was originally designed by Donald Iain Smith at Getty Images.



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