What Modernism Hath Wrought

Just wanted to blog a bit to offer a heads-up to an article by Mary Harrington over at Unherd. I've liked the few things I've read from her, and this one gets a bit into the desire for something beyond the "atoms, void, and nothing else" mentality that has exploded in modern society.

See, the "atoms-void-&-nothing-else" philosophy that is most prominent today is really just Epicureanism, an exceedingly pervasive mentality that is nothing but materialism but with the added twist of being nice to people who believe what they sneer are fairy tales. Well, um, ahem, if the reality of things is merely materialism then upon what basis does one have to be nice to anyone? Really, isn't it just best if I murder you and take your nice home to enjoy? After all your atoms spewed about are no different than those sown together right now, right?

Yet this is the lifestyle philosophy so many hold so tightly.

No wonder.

Our schools are teaching garbage to so many students, and yes, I could get a ton into all of that too, I know, what, being a school teacher in the public and private Christian secondary school system for over 30 years and being a first-hand observer of the horrors. Critical thinking? Ha. Much more significantly: Wisdom? LMAO.

And much less enlivening the imagination and guiding it toward Kingdom things. That is waaay out. I say this because as fine as Harrington's work is, it is just as likely a light shone on the recesses of one's cranium for the best pondering and dreaming and reveling in things originating from the heart could be an enchanting beam of a halogen lamp from Hell. When Jesus spoke He almost always wanted listeners to use their imagination to see the things of Heaven for the beauty and glory and rapture that they were, but sometimes also to see the things of Hell for what they were too.

Anyway, as a teacher November is a very busy month. It has always been understood by teachers who do work hard at their craft that November is the month that is the most grueling. I've realized this because when looking back on my blogging I have the fewest posts from Novembers. I think I know why.

I share this because I have so many things banging around in my noggin to write about. So many things I'd like to add a bit of my own take that I hope includes a very small bit of His wisdom injected into a world that is filled with so much stupidity it can, yes sorry for the cliche, make your head spin. It isn't that there is a dearth of those things to address -- it is that there is so much of it.



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