The Critical Financial Component of the Boss Troll War

Recently an interview response by the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors for the president of the United States went viral. It was only a couple minutes long, this take by Jared Bernstein, and it was essentially this:

Question: "Why does the United States government have to borrow its own currency?"

Answer: "Um, well, err, umm, I mean, hmm, urrp, umm, blippity-blappity-oopy. [Long pauses throughout]."

He was mercilessly ridiculed by the legion of trollees remarking quite viciously throughout the cybersphere, and as I sometimes do I will look at the comments and see if anyone gets it. Most times they don't, by miles. Most people like to post thinking they are blapping about how genius they are but they are only demonstrating how ill-informed or just plain stupid they are themselves.

Well, I shouldn't call people fools. No matter how many billions there are of them, I really shouldn't.

But they are indeed exploited by the System Ops to be such. And while that doesn't excuse their foolishness, it does mean that very powerful deepest deepest-state ops are doing a fantastic job of moving them to say silly things that sound really good but are, in the end, just plap that doesn't get at what is what.

One of the more telling remarks was that Bernstein knows exactly what he is about no matter how much he realizes he can't in any way show his hand too readily. The World System does indeed want to get to the next "New World Order" step by implementing a central bank digital currency, and yeah messing with the dollar and gold and crypto and all the rest of it is designed to get to that end.

But this still doesn't get at what is truly what with all of this.

May I give it a shot? Forgive me again for being a very fine trollee myself here, but I simply can't help but offer up my remarks.

What if Mr. Bernstein were not constrained by the Narrative? By the Grand Americanist Mythology? By the squeezed Overton Window parameters he knows he's got to follow? Maybe he was just unprepared to say something that would sound really good to the bazillions of economic illiterates -- or again maybe his ineptitude was perfect for the System Ops in getting the most strident trollees to rebel and resist and revolt and repappadap or re-something that would keep the Operation fully fueled.

Anyway, what if Mr. Bernstein actually told the full truth about it all? Might it sound something like this?

"You are mistaken Miss Interviewer. The "dollar" is only authorized as a debt instrument under the full faith and credit of the United States government, but it isn't issued by that entity. Its denomination is only authorized as such, constitutionally. In fact only actual specie is considered constitutional money, you can see that in Article 1, Section 10 if you want to check it out.

"What those pieces of paper are -- and well, now mostly just digital entries we all call THE DOLLAR -- are bank notes issued by the finance company better known as the Federal Reserve. It was a genius invention back in the early 1900s to make sure that when credit expansion was necessary good smart people would wisely manage that expansion. But please know that the Fed is indeed a private banking organization that is contracted with the federal government to do that work.

"The problem is over time that expansion has not been so accurately tied to the productive capacity of the country -- that which would reasonably make the dollar steady and stable. In order to please the governing powers-that-be, most of whom have needed an economically illiterate populace to acquire the voting capital to stay in power, Fed officials have simply 'printed,' shall we say, more money than what matches that productive measure. What you get is inflation. Indeed, the value of the money, the dollar, which has a huge user base relying on some kind of steady and stable management -- not only the American populace but much of the world as it is the global reserve currency -- the value of that dollar has gone down since that time. Sometimes gradually, sometimes a bit more dramatically.

"The point is the value of that dollar has gone down. Recently it has been a time when it has gone down a bit more dramatically. This is simply because the federal government, both Congress and whoever is in the White House, has flooded the economy with too much 'printed' Federal Reserve notes. Essentially they've asked the Fed to print up a ton of money so it can get into the hands of people, many of whom were devastated economically by insane lockdown demands related to the manufactured health scare often called 'Covid.'

"Why is that money borrowed? This too is quite simple. If the Federal Reserve just 'printed' up a bunch of money, and I don't like using that term because now it is far easier -- the Fed just punches the keypad and money is ::poof:: created -- just like that, with barely a keystroke -- numbers that are merely added to the official accounting ledger. But they are borrowed by the government and in turn the public because they are expected to pay it back. This is because they must go to work and produce something for those debt instruments to mean anything!

"If people aren't out working, and more importantly producing, then money means nothing. If all the money out there were just dropped from helicopters and each individual gathering it up each became a millionaire, each of those brand new millionaires are going to head off to the nearest auto dealers to get their nice brand new automobile. Thing is, the automobile dealers know what is going on, and to stem the tide of massive numbers of new customers heading their way, they are definitely going to raise the prices on their cars. That once-$50,000 car now has a sticker with $50 million on it.

"The only way to separate the ones who can afford to buy a nice car from those who can't is to see who is producing and who isn't. Because when you get right down to it, if everyone is a millionaire with bags of money but no one is producing anything, where are the cars in the auto dealership to begin with? They aren't there! No one had any incentive to produce them!

"This is precisely why these modern monetary theories embraced by so many public officials now are so dangerous, so destructive, and just so stupid. And because they so embraced them, acted on them, and were themselves so embraced by an economically illiterate populace that we have the problems we have today. The inflation, the imminent stagflation, the distrust, the unrest. The people who have worked hard and saved their money are seeing those savings erode. The people who have worked hard and produced and out of principle served their clients and customers and communities are told they must take their hard-earned money and hand it over to people who -- to be charitable -- have simply done little or nothing at all to earn anything.

"I could share with you all the technical details of how all this works, how the Fed makes this happen and how we all try to soften the blows with fancy economic jargon as we smile at everyone in our fancy suits and ties, but really, government is in the job of staying in power and getting votes, and all this is designed to make that happen.

"And may I add one more thing, really the most important thing of all. So many will say we need to get back to a gold standard, nah, that's really just shiny yellow rocks. Others spout about how great some kind of crypto like bitcoin is, something that genuinely frees people from the tyrannical activity of the Fed and the feds. Nah, that's all just computer numbers too, a cyber Ponzi scam that is just as worthless -- much because it doesn't have that user base that the dollar has.

"Have we effed up? Of course we have, but again, hey, it isn't just that we want to stay in power, that I want to keep my job blapping about all this -- but it is the people who won't know any better like it. When those people actually care about honest weights and measures -- yes, that's it, that's what makes communities and even nations thrive, when the people treat one another with care and respect, and they truly honor the value assignments of those with whom they must do -- doesn't matter if it is fiat currency or shiny yellow rocks or even nifty computer numbers, if people are doing honest weights and measures then things will be good.

"Yeah, they're not. We're not either, I confess. But it is the government and its people who are behaving so poorly in all this that, well, it is what it is. And we all suffer."

That's the right answer. And anyone who comes across this and reads it, please, let me know where I've missed it here.

I will confess I did miss one thing. But I missed it only because I just don't think a World Devotee like Mr. Bernstein would know anything about it. He is a hifalutin well-paid member of Cain's Legacy, and as such is just as far away from God's presence as the people who ask him to lie to them. Sorry, if you think me a bit too insensitive, look at the fourth chapter of Genesis for more about the Authorized System Administration and what it must do to crack heads of those who effusively favor it or even profusely revile it.

That thing I missed? That the only way to have true actual real meaningful honest weights and measures is by Jesus Christ and dwelling in His Kingdom. Those who do honor one another's genuine value assignments because they have the true actual real meaningful capacity to love those with whom they must do.

Again, it is a very veritable Scriptural Truth Rule: The only place that can happen is from the Kingdom. Otherwise people will do what World people do, all that the thousands of Jared Bernsteins are all about as the most dutifully industrious Catholicists doing what they so ferociously do in the indomitable service of the Legacy of Cain.


The delightfully sobering image of the message from the ATM machine is from a viral scene in South Park. The image of the CEA Chair is just a screenshot from the viral video of his interview response. The third image there about the US president looking really really good spending a lotta lotta money is from the Bebylon Bee.



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