The Lethal Deceit of Pride

Here we are right in the middle of "Pride Month" and all who join in the celebration are oblivious to the gruesome lethality such an action carries with it. I'll never forget being in Salt Lake City for a professional commitment in the middle of June of 2018 and accidentally coming across a "Pride" parade, and while I was aghast at the breadth of immorality that was on display in this thing, it struck me that this was happening in Salt Lake City, bastion of Mormon morality and rightness and goodosity.

Thing is this kind of pride not only destroys those who partake but those around them who absorb the ideas, the propaganda, the demonic nature of the now irreversibly pandemic endeavor. Many will say, "What does what we do with our bodies have to do with you?" Many will even say, "What they do with their own lifestyle choices is their business as long as they keep it to themselves." Any and all of these sentiments, from those who like it and those who don't but tolerate it, reflect a pride that comes straight from Hell. While yes, temporal law enforcement won't do a thing about any of it, God does not leave it be.

So yes, it scares me for them. It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. They haven't a clue that they should not care about anyone who can kill the body, but they should fear the one who may send body and soul to Hell. But then, when I look at this stuff -- and trust me I can't look at it for very long -- I can't believe that Hell's flames aren't making their way up here already.

This morning I read again one of my favorite chapters of the Bible, I've mentioned it a number of times in my ministry work. Ninth chapter of Jeremiah. 

It begins with something I feel all the time. That my head were full of tears, it would explode with weeping. (Yes, I know, not the exact translation, but close enough.) That I could go far into the wilderness and find a nice lodging place with people who... wait for it...

Next though is what is going on with the people Jeremiah is addressing. All of them. And while prophets in the Old Testament said these kinds of things a lot, this chapter's exposition is worth some mention.

The people are liars. Up and down and all around they lie like banshees. And what happens when they lie and people's lives and livelihoods are destroyed? Their land is destroyed. They then see what happens to their livelihoods because of their deceit... and you know what? They weep. Of course they do! I would too! Everything in their economy is devastated -- remember an economy is not just some scholarly rumination, it is flesh-and-blood people working and producing and forming and shaping lives. When people eff that up, what do you think is going to happen?

Already you see all the destruction happening in our economy right now -- the inflation, the underproduction, the codependent enabling from progressively minded mandarins not just letting people eff up their sexual integrities but urging us all to cheer it on or else. So yes, all of that unrighteous insanity does very much have an impact on me, and my family my community my nation.

God was dealing with Israel by telling Jeremiah what to tell them. It wasn't that He didn't care about the other nations, but He had Israel set apart as the place from which everyone else's salvation would come, so it was imperative they get the message.

What was the key element of that message? At the end of the chapter. I urge you to read it, please. Jeremiah wants to go to the lodge to be with them. It comes right after, right after the part about the people eventually left dead with their bodies rotting in their own decrepit fields. By the way, take a look at what is happening today with our fields: Massive soil erosion and malnourishment may actually critically impact our overall food production. Good thing we have really good liars at very high levels of high-level places to convince us things are terrific! As I think about it, so what? It is what the new authoritarians do -- really, as The Who may sing, "Same as the old authoritarians" -- they now know so well how much deceit they can get away with.

I can't help but add some quotes from people working in Hollywood, one of the greatest propaganda machines ever. I actually found these on a sheet I just came across that I assembled 20 years ago. "Inhale. Lie. Exhale. Lie. Long-term survivors [of this environment] find successful techniques that don't require lying... [but] lying is part of the toxic air in the jungle that you have to account for." That was from film producer Lynda Obst. Here's a good one, "Lying is the default position in Hollywood. About half the people [there] are fabulous, outrageous, pathological liars; the other half just spin and omit and shade the truth." This from production executive Mark Gill.

That they are perfectly fine sharing their names, hmm. That's courage. I don't know that they even know, however, that the "Pride" things they beam about are the worst lies as well, but hey, I guess they have an excuse.

At the very end of that chapter from Jeremiah is God's very plain declaration of what He really wants. Even what he wants people to boast about.

That they understand and know Him. That they delight in lovingkindess, justice, and righteousness.

Please, do you really think the progressive new equity totalitarians really care about those things? They may say they do, but they don't as much as they are just as oppressive as the oppressors they censure. They've created their own religion, a secular one, one with just as much extraordinarily ruthless law enforcement power as anything, and they have shouted to everyone about how proud they are to elevate it as they have.

Interestingly the ninth chapter of Jeremiah doesn't end there. It's final verses are about, yes, pride. Essentially, "You think you're all that because you have some special characteristic [being circumcised]? Not even." "Pride Month," how utterly and contemptibly diabolical it is. 

Take a peek too at one of the very best pieces written about the phenomenon of "The New Normal," called appropriately enough Bleached New World. It is written by a brilliant scholar who was a survivor of the Bosnian atrocities, and the thing that is most telling is her point that totalitarian regimes only go because the people want them to. She focuses on the Covid hysteria tyranny, but the new equity bastardization is much more dangerous. She nails it though, please take a look.

Just as much as the masking and all the other Covid lockdown inanities, all the sexual immorality running through "Pride" is dehumanizing as anything. All the zealous insistence everyone join up resulting in more government prosecutions and worse, more commercial prohibitions -- truly the newest form of segregation -- is all Hell seeping into every area of human life, and what Jesus told us all appears to be materializing.

They will hate you because they hate Me. You will face severe persecutions, but I will be with you to the end. Do not fear, however, for I have overcome the world.

In my latest home page piece is a truth that ever since I'd written about it has had a profound impact on my own perspective on all this. For review, that truth: Everyone dies in the next minute.

This truth has blasted from my soul so much dread my psyche can yank me into. But what I've discovered is that I don't even think that is fully true, as far as being given over to Christ as Lord and Savior. Here is the corollary truth:

I'm already dead, crucified with Christ.

There is absolutely nothing the System can do to me since I'm already dead but because of Christ's resurrection am guaranteed a place with Him for eternity only because of His overwhelming love for me. He loves the most proud liar as well, and died for him as well, except... well... the proud liar wants to keep proudly lying...

Christ has the Kingdom open to any and all comers, their invitation bought with His blood.

But there is also the World, and my impassioned exposition here cannot be shared without illuminating the expanse of its role in authoritatively administrating the sin management the proud liar needs. The other day I looked a bit at a James Corbett video, his latest, and he sure does tell us a lot about the System, but he doesn't say anything about The Antidote. Sorry, just knowing about it doesn't do anything.

If you look at my screenshot of part of it, posted here the part where he levels the Covid hysteria tyranny by shanking all its vital organs -- there, look at them all, I know it is hard to read but you don't have to -- just note how many System tentacles go into the New Normal Regime. Yet look carefully at it and you will see clearly the critically important part of this operation: Georgetown. It isn't an incidental matter, but you won't get a single mention of it from Corbett because either he doesn't have a clue or he fears going there for whatever reason.

If Georgetown is doing all this as a legitimate duty of Caesar, one that God permitted starting with the events transcribed in the fourth chapter of Genesis, and that indeed includes all the bearing false witness and boasting of System machinations and shouting about the newest displays of sexual identity excess... then what of it? What difference does it make what James Corbett says if the System isn't seen for what it really is and the Kingdom isn't introduced as the only place where one may find freedom from it?

So yeah. It is true.

What freedom there is to already be crucified with Christ.

Filled with dread from the encroaching flames of Hell lapping all around? Have at it.

Otherwise I'll be over here in the Kingdom.


The image is from a website that sells the kinds of things in the image. Sadly I'm sure it is far too easy to find one like it.



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