Lord of Racialism

So many are consumed by it. The Lord of Racialism insists you prove you aren't a racist or you will have the worst penalties assessed against you. And those proofs are the ones to which he says you must attend, such as frequent displays of sincere struggle session activity or regularly handing over decent portions of your value to demonstrate the most authentic sympathy for the interminable pain your ancestors have inflicted on those with a darker skin color than you. Oh, and this is an eternal penance, so get used to it.

Occasionally I visit the local large retail bookstore, just to browse the new non-fiction -- see if there is anything that truly gets a bit into what is really going on. Nah. ::Sigh:: It's all the same -- World System imprimatur plap keeping people in their state of benighted quasi-comfort. 

Here's a splendid example.

A couple weeks ago (November 2) I was visiting the bookstore and perused this rack. Every tome here was a racialist screed of some sort, all devoted to sharing the best of their Frankfurt School catechism. A single book was the exception: John McWhorter's Woke Racism. He makes the case that "Wokism" is indeed a religion, and it is destroying the black community. Good call. I've been sharing that very thing in my modest web postings. I found it funny the day I happened to make this visit was the day Woke Racism debuted.

Turns out the other day (November 19) I went back over to the very same bookstore and scanned the exact same rack. Notably missing was Woke Racism.


I went to the helpful personnel desk and asked, "I noticed the book Woke Racism is no longer in the new non-fiction section. I'm just wondering, has it sold out or was it removed because it was considered politically incorrect?" That was the exact question I asked.

The young lady snapped at me. "We don't censor things here, sir." That was her exact terse response. She did look it up and then showed me where it was now located, buried in the standard current affairs section and not showcased with the front cover facing out as the other books were.

Notice there, if you look, that really, the only removed tome in that section is Woke Racism. I didn't look more carefully to see about others. And to be fair some of those books may be about decent things. But from what I saw they were really all the same. Even with people writing about their difficult lives, the message is still "You are evil if you're white because you don't feel the right way about my woeful circumstances so get going with the apologies and sympathy and the money headed our way."

One of the reasons this is all so insidious is the bookstore is one of the big retailers, joining big tech and big pharma and big media and big anything-else who've made the Lord of Racialism the one who governs their affairs. If you aren't about being really obvious in your "anti-racist" worship, you're a heretic worthy of the worse marginalization, even demonization. And these days that kind of cuts into the bottom line.

Probably the worst thing about racialism is it makes a presumed racism the greatest crime there could be, and dismisses the thing that is far worse: one's own sin. Sin is a thing that afflicts every single individual, and the only answer to the sinfulness of any human being, white, black, racist, anti-racist, World Devotee or Radical Selfist --

Is Jesus Christ.

Hmm. Don't see many of those books, the books about The Real Answer, there on the rack.


The images are merely my own photographs.



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