We Are Past the Point of No Return

I've realized we are too far into the horrifically draconian Covid hysteria driven policy mandates to turn back. And that may actually be a good thing.

It is a good thing because it means our reliance on a God who is mercy and grace and overwhelming provision of peace and fortitude as we are dragged before the magistrates and severely penalized because we have Jesus on our lips will be that much more robust.

We cannot trust in anything else. That is very good.

Tonight at a pretty good sized megachurch they had another "Workers Rights During Covid Townhall." I attended one two Tuesdays ago specifically for teachers and it was a nightmare -- public school teachers in grave distress for losing their livelihoods because of this insanity. This evening's we just caught on livestream, but it was just as harrowing. They keep making the argument that your religious exemption will help. Nah, it won't. They also keep insisting the Covid mandate insanity is constitutional. No it isn't. It blatantly violates the 4th Amendment, the 5th Amendment, and more.

Today at the small private Christian school where I work I had a heated discussion with a fellow teacher I respect tremendously. As far as I can tell he's a pretty solid follower of Christ as well. Sadly he is just as hypnotized as any other devout Covidian swallowing whole the feast of lies this thing is. I argued how any of the mandates are patently unconstitutional, as well as woefully unscientific. His response was a mixture of the standard Covidian talking points.

One of them was the typical "What about so-and-so's uncle dying of Covid?" I responded appropriately, but he'd have nothing of it. It is impossible to convince these people.

As I thought about it through my day, I thought, how horrible it is that people would use that defense. How hurt I was that this good friend would say that, because really he's saying, "You are so careless about killing people, how dare you." That's really what he's saying. It is just another version of "You're just a killer." I don't think he knows he's really saying that to me, but because he is so blinded by the authorized narrative, he can't see it.

He can't see how saying that is just a way for him to virtue-signal. "I'm for the Covid policies because they keep people alive, look at how good and wholesome I am." And the only way he can look good is to keep the lie front and center to contrast his showcased sanctimony with my murderous sentiments.

How ugly. How wretchedly ugly.

And these guys at this "townhall" at the church tonight only spit up platitudes -- really just to try to rally people to join their organizations. "Join us (with some money, of course) and we'll help you with some pithy things to think about even though we won't really do anything." One of the suggestions was when you make your religious exemption claim, make sure you are very detailed about your testimony. There is nothing wrong with a testimony, but it is absolutely putrid that you have to try to justify yourself before a magistrate who will do the deciding if your to-him fairy-tale belief is worthy enough in his eyes. How reprehensible it is that these townhall people are even suggesting such a thing.

It is all they have. Oh, they did throw in a few biblical quotes as reminders to be strong and tough it out and all the rest of it. 

Well, true that, but it isn't because these people are doing anything about anything.

In fact that's the whole point. I do believe God is telling us unequivocally...

It's all Him.

As much as I've made the ironclad case for the fully unconstitutional nature of the Covid insanity, I can't even really appeal to that document because it is still within Cain's domain.

I must appeal to Scripture.

And Scripture very clearly declares I will not win. They even said that tonight. Essentially standing on the truth, you will not win. They said that.

Okay. That's fine. Hundreds of thousands of people through history have been executed in some way for their abiding faith in Christ. Okay, that's what Scripture says will happen.

Tonight, on Guy Fawkes Day no less, is just a turning point.

No return now. The tyrannical nature of Cain's domain is not backing down. It can't, it is supposed to do this evil in its charge to fight evil. And if it is real it'll metastasize even more. It can't help but.

The only Deliverance is Christ.


The image is a Getty image taken from The Times UK. Thank you.



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