The Wonderful Matter of Authentic Understanding

In my last home page piece I wrote a bit about this thing people believe is Artificial Intelligence

May I firmly posit something about that thing more widely known as AI? Something that is indeed an inviolate Truth Rule, and for which there are a number of ways to easily prove it, one of which I'll share with you right now?

That Truth Rule:

There is no such thing as AI.

Yes, it is true. Once again for emphasis, artificial intelligence does not exist in any form, and never will. In fact, the more people even use the term "AI" or any of the language associated with it, at any time, in any context, they are carrying on a horrifically evil deceit.

Yes many will screech "Oh but what about this?!" or "What about that there?!! It's amazing!" Things that really spectacularly look like a machine is doing that same things a human does, even better because it is some transcendently sentient super-brain that can't help but make our wretched existences just ever-that-much better.


Anything that even the smartest thoughtfulest smiliest eloquentest highest-ranking-technoplutocratest World Inhabitant INSISTS WITH ALL HIS OR HER GUTS is an "AI," that thing is actually just a Really Super-Duper Fast Information and Communication Processing Technology -- titled in caps because it makes for a nifty acronym: RSDFICPT. Hey, if the LGBTQ-whatever group can have their ridiculously onerous and brutally overbearing alphabet-laden epithet, then there can be a much more accurate one for this.

The main reason there is no such thing as "AI" is because there is the inherent assumption the machine will be able to make decisions about things the same way a human being can, and frankly, it can't, no matter how many science-fiction movies we've all seen. And this is from someone who really really really liked 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Indeed the only thing that any "AI" -- er, excuse me, an RSDFICPT can do is to mimic or repeat or regurgitate whatever it is the human programmers have rigged it to do, however they did it and however far down the line they did it. And yes, there are quite a few people out there who'll also simply do whatever their influencers, their "programmers" will tell them to do without employing any wisdom to know whether or not those are actually good things or not. That is why I took a little time to address the thing stupidity in my latest home page piece to go along with remarks about the supposed "AI."

What will always end up happening with any threatening RSDFICPT is anyone in authority will master its input and it will always reflect whatever that particular thing is. You could now, really, add an "A" to the new acronym. (Yeah, it gets a bit ponderous, but the sodomist community doesn't mind adding new things to theirs all the time -- I think it is now good to call them the "2SLGBTQIA+" people. And don't you dare miss one of them or else.)

Anyway, the "A" that should be added to ARSDFICPT means authorized. Please, let's face it, it truly is the Authorized Really Super-Duper Fast Information and Communication Processing Technology.

So yeah, how about that, you can actually sound out the acronym to make a sort of apronym: Arrsduhficpuhtuh. Okay okay, it doesn't roll off the tongue like aye-eye, but it does much, much better at reflecting the speaker's wise acknowledgment of the inviolate Truth Rule.

Why is this so important? It is simply because of the failure of the "AI" true believers to recognize the reality of the exceedingly dangerous world of evildoers, law enforcers, and deep politics exploiters of all that; to understand it and the warring factions' very destructive functions; and to insightfully realize ARSDFICPT cannot fully mitigate those things. (Okay, okay, from now on I'll just use the term "AI." Fine.)

Here's one of those instances when it is really pretty easy to tell, to genuinely see the merits of the Truth Rule.

On Monday and Tuesday of April 17 and 18, Fox News showcased a Tucker Carlson interview with one of the latest industrialists moving fiercely on getting the most benevolent "AI" to work, none other than Elon Musk. Musk is generally considered an entrepreneurial savant however controversial who made Tesla into a powerhouse, rescued Twitter from the speech police, and wants to launch rockets to Mars.

He also wants to assemble an "AI."

In the Carlson interview they talked a bit about "AI" with all the silly assumptions about what it is and what it can do, but then they got to the part about which many people have a legitimate concern, essentially "Can 'AI' somehow launch all the nukes if it wants?" Really, let's face it, that's the bottom-line concern.

Musk spoke about some kind of shut-off protocol that must be in place to prevent that, and Carlson then asked him what precisely would trigger such an action.

Musk was flummoxed. He took a few seconds to think, and them hemmed and hawed and eventually admitted he did not have answer.

That inability to answer said tons.

The main thing it said was humans will always be programming whatever it is "AI" does. Always. In every instance. This means, yet again for emphasis...








I'm even hearing about "AI" being arranged to try to figure out if something is "AI" generated, you know, if the images you see are deepfakes or the messages you hear come from chatbots.

Oh my. "AI" battling "AI."

No, sorry.

There are only human forces battling one another, that's it. The use of that Authorized Really Super-Duper Fast Information and Communication Processing Technology will certainly be in the mix of that, but it will always be utilized at the whim of someone administering it, and it will always be about advancing some agenda with the intention it is manifest out and about in the grand public purview.

From there it might be good to understand where that agenda comes from, and really, there are indeed only two places a given agenda originates. It either comes from Heaven or from Hell. Oh there are all kinds of permutations emerging from each, but when it comes down to it, ultimately there are only those two.

Grasping this truth is truly the beginning of understanding this thing. God tells us there are quite a few wonderful matters that we simply cannot get. But He does share with us some, and the most significant one is really not hard to understand -- it is quite wonderful nonetheless.

There is so much more to say about this subject, really. I've got a list of other items to put here, but this post has enough. I can't neglect to add this last part, something I've shared hundreds of times before in closing.

Christ has wide open hands at the end of that narrow path to The Gate that is He Himself. His Kingdom is just beyond, and it is glorious. "AI" is a piddly little tinker toy in comparison.

Again, if and when I have time I'll add a few more notes.



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