...You Will Not Remove Their Folly From Them --- Unless the A.I. Does It

I caught this very interesting piece over at ZeroHedge, one that highlights remarks by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. He points out that of all the bountiful benefits that this thing most people call "A.I." does, there is indeed one major item that may very well not be so desired after all.

Makes perfect sense. Might want to take that Bible off your shelf for further reference. Seriously.

Gensler points out that with the "A.I," or what-should-be-called SPIT for SuperDuperReallySuperDuper-Fast Processing Information Technology being used to reeeeeeeally do a spit-shine job of peeking around at everyone's financial affairs --

-- And finding out how absolutely & thoroughly, wickedly & deceitfully arranged they really are...

...That when the SPIT shit hits the fan and all of it gets uncovered, well, you know. It's easy.

That would be very very very bad for everyone.

It'll be that contagion that everyone fears, that thing that will just do the worst at... at... what do all the news blowholes call it to make it seem like it is something like some random tornado that wrecks a few homes here and there?...

Oh yeah.

It will bring down the economy.

No. Ahem. Excuse me. "Economies" are not brought down. I guess they could be in an academic sense, not saying that won't happen.

People's lives are destroyed because of the exploitive deceit of powerful people who know they can get away with it.

Well, get away with it until the SPIT starts poking around and sharing things that a lotta lotta people don't want shared.


A week or so ago I caught this posted item, shared there in the posted image above, from the ZeroHedge people. It struck me because it had that indelible image of the Zachary Quinto character in the film Margin Call the moment he finds out that, well, that everyone's been lying. And not just everyone, but all the top, trusted, reputable, polite, neat, cool, smart, really-good-at-handling-my-money, very very very top people.

And with the image is the message. Very simply. "Soon $70 trillion will evaporate." Or something like it.


$70 trillion?

Try $700 trillion.

See, from what I gather from a few sources who are committed to seeing and sharing truthful things (no "A.I." required!), the estimated value of everything on the planet is a cool $250 trillion. Maybe it's a bit more with inflation being such a bastard right now. On the other hand it will be a lot less after it all starts getting bombed should sillier heads prevail with this Gaza thing.

So $250 trillion worth of stuff. The total value of all derivatives claims, however? That comes in at around a quadrillion. If you do the math, that is four times the value of the stuff this figure is supposed to represent. Um, is there stuff that I am not aware of? Is there some accounting magic that I don't know is being employed to either establish those numbers or adjust for the discrepancy?

Or is it much simpler than that, that a whole bunch of people believe they have their hands in the wealth pot when they really don't?

Wait until the "A.I."'s eyes see it all.

And it spills the beans. Or excuse me, pries open the books and shows us all the beans that aren't really there after all.

The totally goofy thing is what Gensler suggests. Wow, what contemptible folly. He says the "A.I." needs to be more regulated. Ahh. You know, so it doesn't expose all the lies too soon you know, you know, that would be bad for the economy, you know. 

Not only that, but this will be yet another instance when the "fall guy" will be the eeevil "A.I." instead of the people who are doing what the "A.I." may uncover. These guys are good. The grand Americanist mythology can have no holes.

I can't emphasize this enough. It'd be nice if more people saw it, but sadly I just don't see it. All I see are people who refuse to pay attention, enjoy the System no matter how smiley and religious its mandarins try to look, stridently insist their money manager guys arrange things for them who cares about anyone else, and simply don't give the tiniest shit that the System pretends to be their salvation but is really just the priesthood doing its standard human sacrifice operation throwing as many people as it can on its altar.

The only deliverance is The Deliverance, Jesus Christ. He is The One, and sorry, He is not the fake one that is showcased by System devoted people in any number of hundreds of different World edifices erected to keep people enslaved. And please, as I've shared many times before -- I do so desire to see others seeing this and sharing it (maybe "A.I." will?... :yheee::) this is what the World System does. 

All this authorized institutionalized deceit stuff? It is what it does. It must, and that is the key thing your Bible tells you, if you should happen to crack it open. We are all destined for Hell because of our sin -- something that "A.I." is apparently about to show us in bright, brilliant colors. The Ministry of Condemnation should do its work quite proficiently, and the World has its ordained deep state ops to make sure that happens.

Doesn't mean it all won't be exposed some day, some time. The ultimate end of it will be when Christ returns, and until then, it might be good to be His where you may dwell richly (truly richly) in the Kingdom and sow into others' lives with a bountiful self-sacrificial love that produces a crop a hundred times what you thought it would be. That whole hundred-fold thing, that's right there in Scripture too. I believe look at the tenth chapter of Mark, it's there. Pretty amazing.

Otherwise, you've got squat, no matter how much of one quadrillion some hifalutin fancy dude says you have.


The ZeroHedge tweet was from October 6. It was a screenshot. The image of Gary Gensler is a screenshot from a CNBC article about Gensler once being offered work at crypto exchange Binance, presently the subject of his regulatory attention. Whew, at least there's that.



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