Though You Grind a Fool in a Mortar...

There is another striking Proverb, this one the 22nd in the 27th chapter, that says it doesn't matter how much you shake a fool's head and tell him or her "Stop it," the folly still remains.


The only deliverance is The Deliverance, Jesus Christ. To see with His eyes and understand with His mind. That's it. 

Otherwise, fools are going to do folly.

I can't help but share the latest of the World idiocy out there, these just some of the most shining examples. There are so many, but these are pretty rich.

One, some large presumably well-respected athletic organization established a competitive event of some kind as "open enrollment." The idea I am sure is to avoid all the ruckus about men-pretending-to-be-women competing in women's events, just make it so anyone who wants can join up: men, women, non-binary, anyone free-to-be-who-they-want-to-be-hey-we're-all-extra-tolerant-here -- and then it will all be fair and open and wonderful.


No one signed up.

And no wonder. It is so simple.

It is still too ridiculously foolish. Even everyone who saw it knew it would be, and even those who thought they were all that with all the DEI sentiments didn't show up because there actually are so few of them and they'd be competing against, ahem, no one.

Two, yes, here's another one, there was some kind of job fair, a pretty large one for tech work somewhere somehow -- again apologies I don't know the details but it was a place where a whole bunch of people could go to try to get jobs. That's a pretty good thing, young adults still want to genuinely work and be authentically productive -- there is a bit of hope for this wretched little country of ours.

But the idea was the real focus was on women, the invitation was really only for women and, yes (remember the institutionalized folly we're talking about here) the non-binary. The idea: "Let's really get out here those marginalized populations, you know, women and transwomen and all those oppressed peoples who would not otherwise have this kind of opportunity YAY LOOKIT HOW TOLERANT AND INCLUSIVE AND ANTI-RACIST AND ANTI-BAAAD-MAGA-PEOPLE WE ARE!!!"

Well, guess what happened.

A gazillion men showed up. And they showed up claiming they were non-binary or trans or schlans or something else for which they can "self-identity" to get in the door. And they went. And they showed they were qualified to do the jobs they were asking about but you're not really women and your point is?...

And sure enough, the event organizers responded with the following. It would be comical if it weren't so reflective of this agenda's demonic folly destroying the lives and livelihoods of good, principled people. They said:

"Those men lied about who they were."


You know, maybe, just maybe this gargantuan expanse of the most pukifying folly will get so fetid that it may actually bring down the whole thing. I'm not betting on it -- again I'm just waiting until July 1 2027, that time when the ensuing four-year period will conclude, that time period when I wonder if it'll just keep ludicrously steamrolling everything or it'll be put back into the little tiny never-should-have-been-opened Pandora-like box where it belongs. Again I have no idea what it will look like, but I'm sure we'll find out.

One thing that is a symptom of the ugliness of this metastasized idiocy is what happened in the US House of Representatives yesterday. For, like, the first time ever I believe, a Speaker of the House was removed -- mostly at the behest of a young firebrand of a Congressman who got sick and tired of the status quo. Much of that was the Speaker just going along to get along feeding at the trough of the lobbyists and special interests who regularly exploit the American people.

And yes, much of that is those interests snuggling up to all that sodomist crap that has so wickedly bilged into the mainstream. It is indeed also the migrant crisis at the border and spilling into our communities. The Ukraine codependency that could lead to WWIII. The exploding national debt and the accompanying crushing inflation and rising interest rates. The massive illicit drug infestation. The grotesque increase in looting and pillaging of the honest and legitimate commercial activity in the name of some twisted idea of reparations. The abject loss of respect by other countries around the world and as such increased possibility of some kind of attack, particularly with advanced tech cyber threats. The increased concerns that "A.I." will be used in nefarious ways by American hegemons against Americans. The refusal to back off on any Covid related lockdown even-remote possibilities. The continued absurdity of "climate change" rhetoric that translates into the most destructive policy decisions. And so much more.

The Speaker of the House could easily, easily just say, in the most categorically unmistakable terms, "If there is any bill that comes to this floor that has any of that crap in it or does anything to enable any of this crap, it will not get a vote."

Thuh end.

Those people who kicked out the Speaker simply want someone with enough courage to do just that.

Now I don't think it will happen. Why? It is because there are simply too many powerful people at the New York Times and their mass media blowholes to make anyone they don't like appear to be the most evil Nazi Klansman bunny-licking puppy-smearing Hitler Hitler HITLER TIMES INFINITY there ever was. That voice is just too powerful.

The World System does what the World System will do, and yes, I struggle with that whole dynamic. I've shared this a number of times before. I read what God tells us in the book of Revelation. The more people do the folly just cited -- oh my there is so much of it -- the more people will die as God says they will when the angels open those scrolls. Look, it is right there in the 8th and 9th chapters.

So I do wrestle with those truths. Do all those things you say you want to "fight climate change"? You'll be murdering a third of the earth's population. It is just what will happen when you do foolish foolish foolish things.

So please don't. Don't do that. Don't do that foolish thing. Please.


Again, it hurts to know so many simply won't listen. You grind a fool in the mortar but the folly still remains.

So the only deliverance is still The Deliverance. I don't think for two seconds a new Speaker of the House is the answer, or a new US president next year, or any of those still-wholly-World-System things. I only share what I share here to point out how stultifying evil it all is, both the folly and the attempted responses to fix it.

The only thing I can do of any value is to share Christ with readers who come across these words, however many that is. I pray for that, for them, for these words to go into the ears and minds of those who truly want That Freedom. That's all. It is a humble prayer, but I make it all the time, hoping and praying for a big result -- apocalyptic revival especially among those young adults who've been so seduced particularly by all the sodomist folly that contemptibly wrecks the bodies and lives and worst of all souls of those who imbibe it.

The Kingdom.

Oh how much more wonderful that place is.

Think about going there, where there is fully assured deliverance from the lethal folly. 

It is so very very good.


The posted image was from Gorodenkoff/Getty and clipped from the Wired webzine story on this job fair situation. Here is a link to that story. And here is a link to my webzine for more of my take on it all. And above all here is a link to The Deliverance. Talk to Him there.



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