The New Americanist Cult, Same as the Old One, Important Addendum

I was reading through CJ Hopkins "The Covidian Cult, Part III" again, something I referenced and remarked upon a couple of posts ago. I thought of something related to it I should emphasized because it is critically important to address.

Hopkins does one of the best jobs of elucidating how Cain's Legacy works in light of all the metastasized Covid hysteria. He concludes by writing that the key is to expose the totalitarianism for what it is. You can't take it down with standard logic and articulate arguments. But you can see that it runs its course and shows everyone what it really is, then they'll see. Look at its deceit. Look at its murder. Look at it in all its real horror.

The problem is, then what? If Christ isn't there to take over, you've now got seven demons just as bad filling your soul. The point here is you can't see the totalitarianism for what it is without the eyes of Christ to begin with. Hopkins is so correct, the Legacy of Cain is totalitarian by its very nature, it cannot be anything but that. The only answer, The Only One, is Christ. Anything else is just blithering.

In my surfing through ZeroHedge I was introduced to this piece by a blogger who does the very best job of detailing why and how the Covid hysteria is so destructively deceitful. And yet -- so many still buy into the totalitarianist plap. This piece does the fullest, richest, bestest job of exposing the gargantuan lie that is Covid. The whole thing. It is a bit long, but how much I wish I could have this time and this research and this brilliance to share with those who even have some affinity for any part of the Covid fantasy.

That is just about anyone with whom I have any interaction, including some of my most beloved friends and family members.

My heart breaks.

Again I urge you read the blogger's piece. One particular part I can highlight here, and it is striking.

If there is one culprit who deserves to shoulder more blame than any other for the fiasco of the last 18 months, it is society itself for allowing itself to fall prey to the siren song of big government, the illusion that there can ever be a benevolent, virtuous, and incorruptible referee. He who creates the red tape, he who has the keys to the treasury, he who wields the power of the tax collector, and he who commands those sent to enforce the laws will always have an entourage of self-serving charlatans, rent seekers, and parasites following him wherever he goes.

There is so much in this brief paragraph that is meaningful, even beyond what the author even knows he is sharing. When he says "society" he is referring to "everyone out there," I know, but The Society is the militant religious order of Rome that is sworn to use arts of war to get people to behave in ways that calcify their anxious allegiance to the System and to the deceitful things they must believe to manage their sinfulness most proficiently. 

In a way, it is the totalitarianism exposing itself for what it is, certainly! This is why Hopkins recommendation is so true, but so misguided. The Legacy is already showing itself for what it is, in huge bright brilliant colors! It is just without Christ small-s society knows how much it needs the large-s Society to govern their affairs and tell them they are perfectly okay in their wicked, benighted states.

Look at what Mr. Ruechel says there! He gets at least half of it! The people want Cain to be their benevolent, virtuous, and incorruptible referee! They want that bully to be on their side and make sure no one ever convicts them of their own iniquity. They'd rather it be smothered in rich gooey frosting than taken out completely by the shed blood of a loving giving Savior. Cain has gallons of rich gooey frosting for you, and how much over the past year-and-a-half that has been in the form of "I'm vaxxed I'm wearing a mask I'm staying distanced I have a special passport to get places because I am special."

In fact the only way you can get anything is to be in with the charlatans, rent seekers, and parasites who follow Cain -- and they must if they want to have anything.

Christ sent Cain out several millennia ago to do exactly what you are seeing the totalitarianism do, right now. as it has for all those millennia. It does what it does -- it must. Go for it, try to see it as Mr. Hopkins urges us to do, go for it. Take off your rose-colored glasses and see its ugliness for what it is -- but you can't stop it. Any attempt to stop it, any, even the most noble valiant righteous crusade against it will be met with a ferocious response, and you will not win. It will reign as it must.

But Christ won't have anything to do with any of that. He is about reconciliation with a God who is mercy and grace and the law of Christ. It is 180 degrees in the opposite direction of any of that, there in the Kingdom. The World System is so attractive, Mr. Ruechel knows it, you see it there in the cited passage.

But Mr. Ruechel and Mr. Hopkins and the dozens of other phenomenal expositors who write about it all cannot get that Christ is the answer. The Kingdom is where you want to dwell. 

Or not.

But I will tell you, it'd really be nice to see people with the same insight as these writers but can share Kingdom truths there also. As I've shared before, this Covid thing is chiefly about religion, about whom people actually worship from the depths of their hearts. Really, honestly, who are you worshipping?

If you are interested in living richly in that Kingdom, however, I'd just like to add that you may read the guidebook to know about how to get there. Go meet up with people who are in worship assemblies that, if not ungrafted, you know they have a heart for not being tied to the World System. They are hard to find, but the best thing to do is always pray. Pray for apocalyptic revival. Pray for immersion in communities that do desire pure devotion to the Lord of the heavens and the earth. God may tarry, but He will do as He promised. 

He will deliver. I pray you would be a part of that deliverance.


The first image is from The Guardian. The second is a screenshot of an NBC interview with the CDC director.



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